Interview Prep

Our interview process is designed to assess whether there is a mutual fit between you and Pariveda Solutions. A mutual fit ensures you will be happy and successful here, growing yourself and your career. In turn, happy and successful people make our company stronger.

Your introductory interview will begin with a conversation with a recruiter to help us learn more about you and answer your questions about Pariveda. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about each other. We will work together to determine if your background and career goals align with our company and the position for which you have applied. Questions will range from the factual, to the experiential to behavioral. See below for a quick overview of our process and interview tips.

The goal of the skills assessment is to gauge your analytical abilities, functional experience, knowledge of fundamental concepts, and technical depth and breadth. This interview may be conducted on the phone or in person by one of our senior consulting professionals.                                               


Spend some time thinking about the following tips. This will allow you to draw directly from your professional experiences when answering questions.

  • Types of projects you have worked on                                               

  • Challenges you have faced                                               

  • Problems you have solved and approaches used to solve them        

Following the skills assessment interview you will sit down with a management team member for a behavioral interview. This interview is designed to evaluate whether your past experiences and behaviors have prepared you for a successful career at Pariveda. This conversation provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the company from a member of the management team.                 


  • Use the STAR approach when answering questions to ensure providing the correct level of detail                                               

  • Do not get tripped up on behavioral interviews by memorizing answers to common questions. Our advice is to make note of the things you have done in your life and career that illustrate traits that add value to Pariveda and our clients

  • Know your own story and how the different chapters of your career set you apart        

During the final day of interviews, you can expect behavioral, business, and analytical case interviews, in addition to a more thorough, technical conversation or application development exercise. This is your chance to put your experience into action. Our cases are not about getting the "right" answer, but rather exploring how you break down the problem, process information and communicate your thoughts. You will also have the opportunity to meet others from our organization including consultants, managers and executives. Your recruiter will provide more insight prior to your visit.                 


  • For analytical case interviews, think of the case as a client problem and the case team as your client. You are there to make a recommendation                                               

  • Make eye contact, speak clearly, and explain your thinking                                               

  • Cases are timed so budget your time carefully                                               


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