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Pariveda achieves B Corp™ Certification, reinforcing its commitment to purpose-driven business


Consulting leader Pariveda joins the global B Corp community, emphasizing its people-first approach and dedication to using business as a force for good™.

DALLAS, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pariveda, a leading consulting firm dedicated to solving complex business challenges, is proud to announce its certification as a B Corporation™ (B Corp). This certification marks a significant milestone in Pariveda’s journey and demonstrates that it meets high standards of positive impact that reach far beyond its walls to include all stakeholders — workers, communities, customers, and the planet.

Pariveda believes that change is inevitable and transformation is intentional. That’s why the company consciously pursued its B Corp Certification, verifying its 20 years of effort to be the change it wants to see in the world. Pariveda’s path to becoming a Certified B Corp was propelled by several unique company attributes that underscore its commitment to using business as a force for good:

  • A holacratic governance structure, empowering employees to become effective leaders
  • Operating with greater than 50% of non-managerial employees owning shares of the company, this financial structure is designed to distribute wealth equitably and generate value for its employees, embodying the commitment to shared long-term prosperity
  • Board representation with more than 50% women, highlighting a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • A requirement for all executive leadership to actively participate in local non-profit boards, reinforcing community engagement at the highest levels
  • Transparent salary policies, ensuring employees are treated with equity

“Pariveda is at the next chapter of our business where we’re affirming our intentional design: a people-first model and purposeful profit can work at scale. This certification invites the world to see how doing business for good is possible, no matter the size,” said Margaret Rogers, CEO at Pariveda.

B Lab is a global non-profit organization and the owner of the “Certified B Corporation” trademark.

Facilitated by B Lab, Pariveda underwent a rigorous and extensive review of its enterprise-wide practices and policies and was assessed across five pillars: workers, governance, customers, community, and environment.

Upon conclusion of the yearlong verification process, Pariveda achieved an overall impact score of 103.3, far exceeding the 50.9 median score of all companies that complete the assessment and the 80-point minimum required for certification.

Pariveda will monitor its performance against the B Corp standards, which is a dynamic process of continuous improvement. Additionally, B Corp recertification is required every three years, offering organizations the opportunity to maintain progressive alignment with B Lab’s standards, which evolve according to global changes.

“We’re thrilled for Pariveda to be a part of a global community of companies dedicated to using business as a force for good,” said Eleanor Allen, Advisor to the B Lab Global Board and former B Lab Lead Executive. “As a Certified B Corporation™, Pariveda is paving the way for professional services firms across the globe. It is an example for other larger organizations to see what is possible to achieve with determination and dedication.”

Bruce Ballengee, Founder of Pariveda, reflects on the company’s intentional design, “From day one, Pariveda was built with the vision of being a force for good. Achieving B Corp Certification is a natural progression of our foundational values and a testament to our commitment to the enduring success of our people, clients, and communities.”

As Pariveda joins the global community of over 8,000 certified B Corps, it stands as a beacon for businesses striving to balance profit with purpose. The company’s innovative approach to customer engagement, the annual Hackathon for Social Good offering pro bono work to non-profits across the country, and the measurable community contributions are a testament to Pariveda’s dedication to creating lasting, positive impact.

“For Pariveda, being a B Corp is about setting a new standard in business, where success is measured not just by financial performance, but by the positive impact we create for people and the planet,” shared Tiffany Lentz, Managing Vice President at Pariveda. “We invite our clients, partners, and communities to join us in this effort as we collectively work towards a more inclusive and equitable future.”

One single company can’t change our global economic system, but together, we create a movement. To learn more about Pariveda’s commitment to embracing a business model that balances purpose with profit, ensuring inclusion, equity, and collaborative service to others, visit https://parivedasolutions.com/about/bcorp/.

About Pariveda Solutions, Inc.

Pariveda is a consulting firm dedicated to solving complex business, brand, and technology challenges from the inside out. We uncover the underlying complexities and dependencies of your business to create solutions that deliver value, open new opportunities, and continuously evolve to meet the demands of your market — all while leveraging the opportunity to grow together. As an employee-owned company, our people are highly skilled, highly motivated strategic business, brand, and technology leaders, truly invested in helping our clients fulfill their mission. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we live and work in major cities across North America.

To learn more about how we provide holistic solutions across your business, visit our website: https://www.parivedasolutions.com.

“Pariveda Solutions,” “The Business of IT,” and “Change is inevitable. Transformation is intentional.” are registered trademarks of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Media Contact: kate.frye@parivedasolutions.com

About B Lab

B Lab is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, the global network creates standards, policies, tools, and programs for business, and we certify companies — known as B Corps — who are leading the way. To date, the B Corp community includes over 700,000 workers in over 8,000 B Corps across 95 countries and 162 industries, and more than 250,000 companies manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment and the SDG Action Manager. B Lab has created and led efforts to pass over 50 corporate statutes globally that enable stakeholder governance. To learn more and join the movement, visit https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/.

About B Corp Certification

B Corp Certification assesses the overall social and environmental impact of a company. To achieve B Corp Certification, a company must meet a score of at least 80 points in the B Impact Assessment, an evaluation of a company’s positive impact, and pass a risk review, an evaluation of a company’s negative impact.

It must change their corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders, and exhibit transparency by allowing information about their B Corp Certification performance to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on B Lab’s website. B Corps recertify every three years and once certified, are expected to increase their score over time as they progress towards becoming more equitable, inclusive, and regenerative businesses. 

Media Contact: press@bcorporation.net

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At Pariveda, we address the imperatives of modern leaders, enabling them to sustain a resilient and impactful business

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Learn how we deliver on the essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

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