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Unlocking the Interview Experience with BrightHire

Transparency is at the heart of our interview process.
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Bri Bekier


  • Empowering candidates and interviewers alike for a more insightful hiring process.
  • Elevating candidate experience, fostering equity in hiring, and facilitating informed decision-making.

Transparency is at the heart of our interview process. We’re excited to share how BrightHire, our innovative interview intelligence platform, enhances the candidate experience.

What is BrightHire?

In simple terms, BrightHire is our interview recording tool. It’s a comprehensive interview intelligence platform seamlessly integrated with Zoom, designed to facilitate structured, high-quality interviews. BrightHire records, transcribes, and analyzes interviews, providing invaluable insights that empower our hiring teams to make informed hiring decisions.

How does BrightHire benefit you as a candidate?

BrightHire accompanies Zoom interviews with an interactive notepad, ensuring seamless recording and transcription of interviews. By leveraging BrightHire, our team maintains focus on you while promoting equitable hiring practices. The platform allows us to evaluate you as a candidate objectively, based on your own words and consistent interview criteria, which fosters a fair and unbiased hiring process.

What is the value of recording interviews?

At Pariveda, we believe in assessing candidates based on merit, not memory. BrightHire enables us to revisit key details, revise initial impressions, and mitigate implicit biases with explicit evidence. By providing structure and consistency to each interview, BrightHire ensures that every candidate receives the opportunity they deserve.

3 key benefits of BrightHire

Equitable Hiring

BrightHire reduces bias in every interview and hiring decision, promoting structured, consistent, and evidence-based hiring for a fundamentally more equitable process.

Quality & Consistency

BrightHire eliminates guesswork from our decision-making process, enabling us to uncover the best talent and elevate the quality of every interview and hiring decision.

Speed & Efficiency

BrightHire streamlines our hiring process, shortening feedback loops, removing unnecessary steps, and ensuring alignment across our hiring teams, resulting in efficient and effective hiring practices.

Frequently asked questions about BrightHire

What is BrightHire?

BrightHire is an interview intelligence platform that records and guides interviews, ensuring a fair and effective hiring process.

How does BrightHire benefit me as a candidate?

BrightHire ensures that interviews are focused on you, enabling structured and well-thought-out conversations that showcase your qualifications effectively.

How will I know that my interview is recorded?

You’ll always be informed in advance that the interview will be recorded, either through email confirmation or visual/audio notifications during the interview.

Can I choose to interview without being recorded?

Yes, you have the option to opt out of being recorded without any impact on your candidacy for the role.

Who will be able to see my interview?

Only designated members of our talent and hiring teams have access to your interview, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.

Is my interview secure?

Yes, BrightHire prioritizes data security and privacy, utilizing industry-standard technologies and protocols to safeguard your information.

Will BrightHire make a judgment about my qualifications for the role?

No, BrightHire assists interviewers in recalling important moments but does not make automatic judgments about candidates’ qualifications.

. . .

We’re committed to ensuring a transparent and inclusive interview process for you, and BrightHire plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. We look forward to leveraging this innovative platform to deliver exceptional experiences for you and our hiring teams.


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

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By Bri Bekier
Bri brings a wealth of talent acquisition experience to her role as Senior Manager at Pariveda. With a steadfast commitment to championing equity in recruiting, Bri's focus is on matching the right candidate to the right role.

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