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We’re passionate about tackling the imperatives of modern leaders

Learn how we deliver on these essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

Building better healthcare outcomes, together

At Pariveda, we bring thought leadership to all healthcare industry challenges. Leveraging the benefits of advanced, emerging technologies and fresh perspectives….


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Modern leaders need to solve complex problems

Pariveda’s product design consultancy team helps make sense of the mess by looking at people, process, and strategy to help you innovate.

At Pariveda, our product design approach meets complexity head on with elegant solutions that meet today’s needs and lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s potential. 

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Modern product design challenges​

Doing right by the customer

The success of a business hinges on meeting critical customer requirements such as accessibility, safety, compliance, security, and privacy. Regulations are becoming increasingly complex to navigate. In today’s fast-paced world, failing to meet these needs can result in a business collapsing in hours. Forward-thinking leaders leverage design to fulfill these business obligations at a lower cost while recognizing the potential for creating solutions that foster differentiation, innovation, and inclusivity.

Delivering products and services that matter

Today’s customers seek more than just functional needs and affordable prices. They want to know that the products they buy align with their values and positively impact the environment and society. From sourcing materials to manufacturing and beyond, customers want to be part of the entire journey. As leaders, we are responsible for understanding this mission and creating a comprehensive entrepreneurial system that meets these expectations.

Creating effortless and engaging experiences

In today’s world, the way we design products has changed dramatically. It’s all about creating experiences that meet the diverse needs of our customers. As modern leaders, we must strive to design intelligent solutions that connect with people on a deeper level while still keeping our focus on the business and conserving resources. Let’s embrace the experience economy and create innovative products that make a difference in people’s lives.








At Pariveda, product design is a participatory, multidisciplinary approach to framing and solving market-facing problems at multiple levels of complexity.

Find out how our product design solutions helped a client redefine the product experience with a customizable customer portal. 

Pariveda supported the development of a clear product purpose and vision preparing our client to build project alignment and support…

Making the most of a product’s lifecycle

That’s why our product design services start with extensive and continuous research to maximize their early success, and we perform constant discovery and design to process emerging feedback.

Extending reach

Our goal is to craft long-lasting and captivating products that ignite the passion of modern customers while paving the way to draw in new ones. Our innovative design approach, supported by in-depth sensing and research, empowers our clients to discover fresh avenues to transform non-customers into devoted patrons.

Designing inclusively​

Products are better when the people who use and are affected by them can influence their design. Our design approach helps align people around a shared purpose so they can each become their best when using your product.


Products are more than their features; they have a legacy. We believe in designing every product to be fit for purpose throughout its entire lifecycle. From minimizing a product’s energy footprint to avoiding unintended social or economic consequences, we use our systems thinking approach to ensure every product stays a good citizen.

We help our clients identify the most valuable product design opportunities to pursue now and in the future​

At Pariveda, we believe that product design is an ongoing and interactive process that integrates strategy, customer development and experience, and digital technology. This approach helps our clients consistently bring their best business offerings to the market.

A promise of value to customers

A product is a harmonious blend of analysis and emotion, where every element is tuned to fulfill its users' functional and emotional needs. This alignment of purpose creates a seamless experience that reinforces the product's overall value.

Deliver digital products

We specialize in designing digital products that fulfill their intended purpose. Our process involves continuous cycles of discovery, design, and delivery to keep the momentum of your business high while your teams stay motivated and on track. ››We prioritize user and customer experience to ensure a successful launch and provide change management to guarantee that the product makes a measurable impact once it reaches the hands of users.

Build teams to build a product ecosystem

Our approach involves assembling diverse teams to solve complex design challenges, from tricky functionality to business model pivots. By organizing the problem space into layered adaptive cycles, our clients can swiftly execute their strategies and make critical decisions based on the latest information, outpacing traditional teams.

Creativity with practicality​

Working together with a variety of contributors can result in groundbreaking solutions. At Pariveda, we value the unique viewpoints and abilities of our clients, partners, and communities. By doing so, we can unlock our collective imagination and creativity.

Creating a product is more than just the product itself. It involves bringing the whole product concept to life, from launching to establishing it within its larger ecosystem. This journey requires crafting compelling narratives that align with the brand, developing effective marketing and sales channels to attract customers, and engaging with communities, localities, and regulatory agencies to realize the product’s vision.

Controlled, adaptive design strategy and management

Product design is about defining strategy and managing execution. Pariveda leverages product design to bring shared focus to teams and organizations.

Conducting and synthesizing informed research into critical insight
Designing artifacts like customer journey and experience maps
Designing systems and analytics to ensure shared knowledge
Driving decision-making at every level​

Our product design experts

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At Pariveda, we address the imperatives of modern leaders, enabling them to sustain a resilient and impactful business

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Learn how we deliver on the essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

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