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Aligning perceptions for a stronger employer brand

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In a world where a strong employer brand is key to attracting and retaining top talent, understanding the gap between employee and leadership perceptions is vital.

When leadership and employee perceptions of your brand are aligned, it strengthens your employer brand and fosters a culture of trust and transparency, essential components of a healthy workplace.

8 signs it’s time to work on your employer brand

Difficulty filling key positions

High attrition rates​

Integration challenges post-merger or acquisition​​

Desire to reduce the high cost of talent acquisition​​

Need for more qualified applicants​​

Need to speed up time-to-hire​​

Low ratings on company review sites​​

Misalignment between the company’s stated brand and the employee experience​​

Measuring employer brand perception with a diagnostic approach

Accuiti® for Employer Branding provides insight into the differential between employee and leadership perceptions of key employer brand attributes in intuitive, visual displays for comparison and analysis.

Accuiti is a diagnostic tool that can help you identify areas for discussion and improvement. Accuiti plots senior leaders’ perspectives on their company’s strengths and challenges in intuitive, visual displays for comparison and analysis. Analysis of the Accuiti results helps to determine if it is time to refresh your Employer Brand strategy.

Download our one-pager on Accuiti® for Employer Branding

Test drive Accuiti® to see the difference first-hand

If you are interested in measuring alignment around your employer brand strategy, reach out for a live demo. Together, we will determine whether a complementary Accuiti diagnostic would be a good fit for your leadership team.

“Most of the leadership always assumed that we were aligned – but it wasn’t until we actually asked the questions and looked at the answers that we realized how misaligned we were.”

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