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Calculating the potential impact of optimizing your cloud environment

Person typing on laptop at coffee shop using Pariveda's cloud cost calculator

The truth about the cloud journey

The cloud journey is not easy, and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain positive momentum. After initial adoption, research indicates that organizations face rising costs and uncertainty in their cloud ecosystems – disrupting momentum and growth.

graph showing the cloud journey

Understanding cloud initiatives

Most organizations said the desire “to better optimize current cloud resources” was their highest priority cloud initiative 



0 %
of 300 financial and IT leaders say that poor cloud financial management has had a negative impact on their business1
0 %
worry daily about cloud cost management2
0 %
 regularly overspend their cloud budget by 25%3
Download our interactive Cloud Cost Calculator

Understanding the common hidden costs in the cloud

It’s important for leaders to be aware of the areas that can drive up the total cost of ownership drastically if not properly managed and maintained 


Improperly sized infrastructure

Misplaced regions

Idle workloads

Multi-cloud egress costs

Not using Reserved Instances (RIs)

Try our Cloud Cost Calculator to discover how an optimized cloud environment could impact your bottom line️

Laptop mockup of pariveda's cloud cost calculator

Curious about the full potential of cloud savings?

We are ready to help you start realizing your cost savings, creating efficiencies, and driving your organization towards modernization. We have 2–4 week assessments that can help you quickly realize the value and strategies to give you a roadmap forward. 

By Ben Pittner
Dallas Office
Mr. Ben Pittner is a technical enterprise architect with a focus on cloud-based systems. He has 10+ years of experience in the IT consulting industry helping deliver technology solutions to solve challenging business problems.

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