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Building better healthcare outcomes, together

At Pariveda, we bring thought leadership to all healthcare industry challenges. Leveraging the benefits of advanced, emerging technologies and fresh perspectives….


Choose a career that makes a difference

A framework for building a future-ready nonprofit

Antifragility Resilience Framework by Daniel Williams Pariveda - circles and lines to show abstract view of framework

This comprehensive framework provides nonprofits with actionable guidelines, best practices, and measurable metrics to achieve integration of stability and adaptability, leveraging technology where appropriate.

Rethinking Donation Drives with a Web Application

Closeup of unrecognizable woman hugging little girl

BEAR partnered with Pariveda to create a user-friendly app to increase the frequency and amount of information gathered from donors. Pariveda worked with the engagement team to identify common trends and conclusions they seek when reviewing donor information.

Derrick Bowen

Derrick Bowen Profile Picture

Derrick leads Cloud-first Software Development, Customer Experience, and Strategy projects with a focus on tackling bold ideas as incremental improvements.

Ronda Fields

Ronda Fields Profile Picture

In her role as Facilities Director, Ronda is responsible for the creation of attractive, cool, and functional work environments at Pariveda.

Michael Hockridge

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Mr. Michael Hockridge has more than 12 years of consulting experience during which time he has managed, architected, and implemented custom applications that leverage the Java and .NET platforms.

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers Headshot

Jim joins Pariveda as an accomplished leader with over 20 years of consulting experience from roles at Accenture and Disney along with a wealth of industry expertise as an accomplished technology executive.

Patrick Rasche

Patrick Rasche Headshot

Patrick is a Principal in the DC office. He has a proven track record of establishing high-performing team cultures, customer empathy, and succeeding where others have failed to deliver. 

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams Headshot

Mr. Daniel Williams has a breadth of experience in building, implementing, and advising on enterprise and digital solutions. He helps companies solve technically complex and strategic problems across multiple industries and domains.