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Total experience

Driving better business outcomes with integrated experiences for customers, employees, and partners

When leaders take a holistic approach to total experience, companies can deliver a deliberate end-to-end experience for all stakeholders in their value chain.

Pariveda’s total experience consulting services strive to highlight human needs and preferences, leverage data and analytics to personalize their experiences, and implement strategy and technology solutions to enable seamless and integrated experiences across all touchpoints to achieve the business outcomes. All are involved in achieving your business outcomes.

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Creating end-to-end experiences

At the core of every organization’s mission is the delivery of value to its customers, clients, or consumers. However, delivering value is not just about providing a product or a service; it is about creating an end-to-end experience that is executed on consistently by every link in the value chain, starting from the suppliers and supply chain through to the employees who generate product ideas, design, build, and deliver the product or service, and those that service it.

To help you achieve this seamless experience, your organization can implement our total experience (TX) solution, which is designed to optimize the entire customer, employee, vendor, and partner journey and enhance every touchpoint in your unique value chain.

Overcoming business challenges by addressing the total experience

Your business faces challenges every day that you need to address to survive. Maybe your partners and vendors are unable to innovate with you in a way your customers respond to and you’re losing ground to your competitors. Or, your team’s roles don’t amplify your business strategy, so your people are working hard, but in the wrong direction. Maybe your teams have broken down into silos and you are losing the exponentially generative power of their collaboration, making them less efficient, effective, and productive. And worse, maybe managing the partner ecosystem has become too cumbersome to create real value.

Stagnated ideas and innovation

With the appropriate tools, resources, and mindset, your team, partners and suppliers can generate innovative ideas and create products and services that achieve your business strategy.

Disconnect between job roles and business strategy

When you translate business objectives across different stakeholders, you ensure your employees are aligned with the broader business strategy and equipped to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

Operating in silos

Seamless collaboration across different business units and partner relationships breaks down silos and makes it easier to create a win-win solution for each group.

Disengaged employees and customers

With enhanced training and resources, your employees can deliver exceptional experiences seeing the direct role they play in the customer experience.








Find out how our total experience solutions helped a client create a repeatable and scalable experience to teach and reinforce key concepts with hands-on, practical training.

Our total experience workshops can differentiate you from your competitors, improve your customer loyalty and retention, and drive your business’s growth and success.

Total Experience workshops

From discovery to co-creation and alignment, we offer a series of workshops designed to help organizations improve their customer, employee, and partner experiences across all touchpoints. The outputs of these workshops can help you begin to address your total experience, and, ultimately, differentiate you from your competitors, improve your customer loyalty and retention, and drive your business’s growth and success.

In our workshops, we will take you through a unique approach in order to create an accurate, shared understanding of how things are, which in turn will help us discover untapped opportunities, define desired outcomes, and align the right people around the initiative.

Purpose activation model workshop
This one-day workshop brings together cross-functional teams to define your company’s purpose from your customer’s perspective. It helps you set a clear vision to understand how and where your customer touchpoints are not aligned.
“What Makes Us Tick?” workshop
This one-day workshop is centered around motivations. It helps cross-functional teams understand people’s underlying motivation to start leveraging that knowledge to build trust across your value chain.
“Who’s Your Focus?” workshop
This one-day workshop focuses on a key problem within employee experience. You examine the employee segment that will help define and give you clarity into the psychological stages involved in a great employee experience.

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At Pariveda, we address the imperatives of modern leaders, enabling them to sustain a resilient and impactful business

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Learn how we deliver on the essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

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