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A modern education that is available to everyone

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In the modern education landscape, rapidly evolving technology drives increased student expectations and demands, but costs and budgets make it hard to keep up

Students are more than ever seeking flexible and personalized learning experiences that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, leading to a rise in hybrid and fully online courses, as well as the need for institutions to provide better digital infrastructure to support these programs. Education providers continue to struggle to modernize their technology assets in order to improve the student, teacher, and researcher experience.

Let’s make a difference in education

At Pariveda, we take a customized, customer-centric approach to solving the challenges our partners in the education industry face every day. By truly understanding our clients, we create practical solutions that increase learning more quickly and at less of a cost.

Learning to take on education’s current challenges

Competition is high among education providers, especially with so many serious competitors and rising costs. As education consultants, we solve some of our clients’ biggest problems, considering the challenges they face.

Turn data into wisdom

Through robust data and analytics harness actionable insights to making informed decisions from IT investment to student experience.

Enable student success

With differentiated and equitable digital resources students are met where they are on their education journey.

Evolve digital tools & services

To meet the needs of ever-changing stakeholders across students, employees and the community you must evolve with the technology.

Accelerate digital transformation

From enabling journey to the cloud to reimagining strategic initiatives you must ensure adoption and agility.

Improve business processes

Automate repeatable administrative tasks while streamlining complex workflow and data to reduce administrative costs.

Enhance faculty experience

Modernize your internal systems to create an employee experience that will attract and retain top talent.

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Building from where you stand

Wherever your school’s cloud, digital or data capabilities stand, we can help you move forward and bring your team along.

Education offering matrix

Achieving results in education

Our solutions are experience-first, data-driven and cloud enabled with safety and security at the core.

Student Success

Curricula-aligned personalized learning for students, modern and democratized digital and AI for faculty and parental support.

Streamlined admissions & enrollment

Delivering digital and data-enabled experiences that yield the cohorts the school needs with the experience the students and families expect.

Secure research delivery

Creating researcher and university-friendly capabilities that accelerate research, contain and maximize spend while creating secure collaboration environment for open and secure research.

Advancing your education mission with generative AI

K12-ONE and Uni-AI are enterprise-grade solutions with user-centric design that moves past the open-ended chat interfaces to democratize access to AI capabilities around the way students and staff think and work, ensuring equity independent of tech savviness or experience.

Built on AWS Bedrock to maintain data privacy and integrated with your SIS, LMS and curriculum guidelines to support aligned content and trust.


Using safety-first foundational models, combined with a workflow-driven prompt architecture and human-in the loop delivery, our solutions put safety and trust at the forefront.


Using AWS’ Security Posture and Bedrock Services, our platform enables you to put all of your data and all interactions are captured in one place that is secure and compliant.


Working backwards from the needs and challenges of students and educators to create an experience that is intuitive and easy to use.


By building in your environment, integrating with your SIS, LMS and curriculum guidelines, the solution your data and everything learned is proprietarily yours.

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At Pariveda, we address the imperatives of modern leaders, enabling them to sustain a resilient and impactful business

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Learn how we deliver on the essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

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