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At Pariveda, we bring thought leadership to all healthcare industry challenges. Leveraging the benefits of advanced, emerging technologies and fresh perspectives….


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Defined and sustainable career paths

We created the expectations framework to demonstrate what developing from an entry-level team member to an effective executive at Pariveda looks like

Our Vice Presidents exhibit all of these qualities to form a dynamic team with a wide range of capabilities.

Benefits of a defined career path

Starting in a junior role, you’re able to have an impact on your immediate surroundings. As you step into leadership, you have greater power to change the world around you — you can lead a team or an entire group of projects. This makes a significant difference in the world of our clients and at Pariveda.

Our career path is all about expanding this sphere of influence. A defined career path allows individuals to plan their careers.

"A defined career path is about expanding one's capacity to change the world."

Allison Esenkova Profile Picture
Allison Esenkova, Vice President

“This is where collaboration comes to life. We invest in each other and our collective growth to build our markets and deliver excellence for our clients. We’ve created a fantastic culture of inclusion and learning — where we all become our best selves.​”

The five cohorts at Pariveda

A Consultant at Pariveda:
  • Learns how to be an effective professional
  • Communicates with clients and works with a project manager
  • Becomes immersed in problem-solving at a greater complexity
An Associate at Pariveda:
  • Effectively communicates and listens in a professional way
  • Solves big problems and takes on more senior responsibilities
  • Presents in front of clients more frequently
A Manager at Pariveda:
  • Serves as a project manager and is consistently in front of clients 
  • Demonstrates higher levels of professionalism and the ability to convey complex ideas 
  • Solves problems that encompass the entire project 
  • Organizes people to achieve something bigger than they could individually 
  • Coordinates efforts and is sensitive to individuals' work schedules and workloads 
  • Mentors others, writes reviews, and learns what it means to evaluate someone's performance fairly and thoroughly
A Principal at Pariveda:
  • Becomes the most senior person responsible for an account or a series of projects
  • Starts to play a role where they are the go-to person for our clients 
  • Understands how multiple projects work together to solve a client's needs
  • Develops trusting relationships with other Pariveda team members and clients
Vice President
A Vice President at Pariveda:
  • Influences a much broader area of the client relationship
  • Engages with client stakeholders, corporate partners, new potential clients, and other organizations in the broader economic ecosystem
  • Communicates new ideas, new ways of doing business, and new ways of thinking about business 
  • Represents the company and creates new opportunities to do interesting work
“We stretch each other to go together where we wouldn’t have gone alone. That’s the way we develop leaders. Leaders who can lead a team to experience things they didn’t think they would ever experience and to accomplish more than they ever imagined possible. This means taking good risks and enjoying great rewards.”
Marc Helberg Headshot
Marc Helberg
Vice President

Becoming a Pariveda executive

At Pariveda, personal and professional development is core to everything we do, including our executive leaders. Our executive coaching program provides external mentorship for executives, allowing them to be considered for C-suite roles if desired.

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Choose a career that makes a difference

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