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Life at Pariveda

Lifelong learning with community

Communities that provide support, growth opportunities, and a space to learn and understand different perspectives, such as the Pariveda Black employees’ group, help our people to develop themselves and help mentor others while actively contributing to the company’s JEDI culture and fostering an environment of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


  • The Black employee’s group at Pariveda advocates for its members in the larger organizational culture and provides a space to learn and grow among people with a shared experience.
  • Formal and informal mentorship expands knowledge and empowers employees to approach problems from different perspectives. 

In my first year out of college, I started my own business making small applications for small businesses. At some point, I realized there were important things I knew nothing about. I knew some of the basics, but that was it. The opportunity to come to Pariveda arose, and I realized that this place might offer a chance to develop my understanding of what consulting is and develop new skills – and I was right. 

Finding my community 

Initially, I wasn’t involved in any cultural groups, like Pariveda’s Employee Resources Group (ERG), which supports Black professionals, called Black Fins. I’ve been here for just over two years, and for the first seven months, I didn’t even know a group for Black team members existed. Then I met one of our senior Black team members at an annual company event, and he introduced this community to me. I started to feel like I truly had a space here. The Black Fins ERG allows me to learn in a new space and a different perspective for understanding relationships and other people.  It’s a space where I can grow and learn in different ways and where I have people who support me. I don’t have to minimize or sweep my problems under the rug. I have advocates.  

I’m proud of the work that I’ve been able to do to help the Houston office develop its JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) culture, as well as the Black Fins. The people in the Houston JEDI group bring their authentic selves and try to help with advancing issues that come up. I didn’t realize how much that kind of work actually mattered to me until I came to Pariveda. I want to ensure that I grow more junior teammates, particularly junior Black teammates. I want to ensure they have the support to thrive here and anywhere they want to be.  

Developing myself and others 

One of the things I’ve been working on is finding different ways to communicate. In fact, it’s probably been the biggest learning for me here. Regarding technology, my perspective is that I will learn it regardless, but learning how to navigate people and spaces is more important to me. These learnings help give me the ability to take a step back and understand that other people’s perspectives matter. I don’t have formal mentees, but I have a number of people with whom I have regular meetings, and it makes me feel good to know that I can help develop those individuals and support them. We aren’t working on the same accounts, and some aren’t even in the same office, but we still talk about their growth and how I can help them. Mentors help people grow in ways that they haven’t thought about before. Coming to Pariveda, I realized the need to have formal and informal mentors because of their different perspectives. These relationships allow me to step outside my comfort zone and bridge the gap in my problems.  

“It’s not just a cycle of going to work and then going home. I have the ability and the space to learn something new, or study something and share it, or try to improve things.”

What drew me to Pariveda? It was what I learned about the culture during my interviews. That, and talking to friends in other consulting firms. They had only heard good things about the company. I had wanted to do something different and learn new things. I don’t like to be complacent. If I’m not trying new things, I’m not advancing. I always want to try new approaches, and at Pariveda, I can do that with clients and in the groups I’m involved in. It’s not just a cycle of going to work and then going home. I have the ability and the space to learn something new, or study something and share it, or try to improve things. One of our Findamentals that I really like is about growing yourself and others. That’s the reason why I stay at Pariveda.   


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

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