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artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence reshapes the way you live and work in unprecedented ways

It’s the phenomenon everyone’s talking about: artificial intelligence (AI). With the rise in the availability of AI tools which make us more efficient, we’re beginning to participate in the use of AI across all industries.

Pariveda’s AI consulting services actively prepare companies for now and the future, whatever it looks like. Our curious minds love creating custom solutions, which means knowing the latest trends like generative AI and what it can offer your business.

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The main challenges of AI 

Our trustworthy AI framework helps companies solve problems using artificial intelligence.

Using AI to drive business value

The evolution of conversational AI platforms has shown us that we’re at the peak of a hype curve. AI is constantly in conversation as a cultural marker, and businesses feel a bit lost in using artificial intelligence to drive value as a business aid.

AI reliability and accuracy

If you’re running a business, you need a level of confidence to make decisions. We help leaders figure out how to use AI tools reliably and safely, how to build a reliable process to create models and how to make sure their models stay accurate.

AI workforce benefits

Many companies need help optimizing and augmenting their workforce. People often fear for their futures and try to adapt to new expectations of work – they need to understand that AI is not a threat but a human-made tool that teams can use to advance the ways they work and bring value faster to the organization.

Do I need to build or buy an AI model?

When you have a particularly complex problem requiring additional horsepower, our employees thrive by creating solutions never seen before. We love looking at a problem from a holistic perspective, especially when it seems impossible to solve. We delight in offering a new solution. 

One artificial intelligence question that often arises is whether to build or buy. Companies ask: Do I need to build a model and should I create a data science practice in my organization? 

Our client in the heavy equipment industry needed us to take their entire network of Internet of Things (IoT) ingestion pipelines and design them into a single ingestion platform. We built enterprise data science models for predictive maintenance and warranty chargebacks for parts suppliers from an initial version. We helped the client implement each use case ensuring they were set up, self-sufficient and trained before we handed it over to them.

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Find out how our AI solutions helped a client recover millions.

Using Machine Learning, Pariveda developed a cloud-based solution to predict which claims would be accepted by suppliers and mark these…

Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to transform industries and Pariveda is already working with clients on purpose driven use cases for customers. 

We can take you through a highly research-orientated or experimental environment and help you understand the ways to generative AI can work within your organization. Talk with us about our Proof-of-Concept accelerator and Visioning Workshop. 

Steps in Pariveda’s artificial intelligence services

Concept cards
We follow an ideation pipeline, and concept cards help us track ideas as they mature. Pariveda’s concept cards minimize barriers, allow real-time decision making, and enable meaningful conversations around new ideas​. They are an effective tool for communicating value propositions and provide tangible, short-term goals to realize value quickly. When we hit the line of feasibility, we know we’ve got a good idea that will drive value or solve a business problem. This is our signal to go into a build-and-deploy mechanism.
Framework execution
Staffing is an important part of the puzzle. Our developers and architects work with enterprise architecture teams closely and develop a communication plan. We design our relationships first. From there, we can use a kinetic or abilities framework to evaluate the hypothesis' effectiveness at each process stage. 
Sunset plans
We evaluate trustworthy AI solutions based on emerging technologies, so knowing when to sunset an application is good practice. Data science use cases tend to be temporal, and there will come a time when the solution no longer drives value. Our data and analytics methodology, Data Forge, helps us understand the whole lifecycle of a data product. As the business moves on and that lifecycle is no longer relevant, we can bring it to a safe, timely close.

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At Pariveda, we address the imperatives of modern leaders, enabling them to sustain a resilient and impactful business

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Learn how we deliver on the essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

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