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The Pariveda Expectations Framework

We created the Expectations Framework to outline the growth path from entry-level team member to executive at Pariveda

It documents what it means to go through that career journey and what to expect as you grow. Every persona, from a professional communicator to a problem-solving architect, focuses on career development.

Expectations Framework benefits

Why do we use the Expectations Framework at Pariveda?​

Clear growth

We use the expectations framework to support your and others’ careers. From junior consultants to vice presidents, we outline professional expectations in the framework. It forecasts the fastest reasonable rate you can develop into an effective executive.

Career control

With annual promotion eligibility and comprehensive reviews, our people progress in their careers at their own speed, knowing what is expected of them and where to focus for growth.

Unbiased feedback

At Pariveda, we evaluate behavior as a whole. In the Expectations Framework, anyone can discuss someone’s performance — not just their manager. Anyone who interacts with the individual can support their development according to a shared understanding of the expectations at Pariveda.

Expectations Framework Personas

Five personas make up the Expectations Framework


As a professional, you focus on communication and listening. You also:

  • Listen to and convey complex ideas in a way that's understandable to others
  • Exhibit empathy and a professional commitment to the people you work with

As an architect, you are a problem-solver, whether those problems are immediate or widely reaching in breadth and depth. You also:

  • See the bigger picture and work on thought leadership
  • Find novel ways to solve interesting problems and then express those in ways that will be useful to other people

As a leader, you help a group achieve something greater than themselves and motivate them to work together effectively. You also:

  • Exemplify servant leadership, one of Pariveda’s core values
  • Put the needs of others ahead of yourself
  • See growth opportunities for other people and create those growth opportunities
Player / Coach

As a player/coach, you invest in yourself and the development of others. As such, you are both a team player and a coach. You also:

  • Keep yourself humble, recognizing there's always more for you to learn
  • Develop the skills to teach and coach others
  • Serve as a mentor to others

As an advisor, you focus on learning how to build trust. You also:

  • Focus on developing relationships with other people and networks of relationships
  • Understand how to add value to those networks of relationships so that you make them stronger
  • Are a trusted person across the company and among the people we serve

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