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Navigating the interview process as an executive 

Pariveda offers a leadership interview process designed to focus on outcomes, with four stages that help assess skills, experience, and motivations while giving candidates the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the company.
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  • Pariveda’s leadership interview process is designed to focus on outcomes and consists of four stages: recruiter screen, assessments, behavioral interview, and case interview 
  • Candidates can prepare for their interview by doing research on Pariveda, asking questions, bringing examples, and prioritizing their time during the case interview. 

Becoming a leader at Pariveda opens a world of opportunities to make a real, transformative change in the world around us. Joining us will provide unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow.  

What we look for in leaders 

We created a set of attributes for the Principal and Vice President cohorts, allowing us to hire the right people and set everyone up for success. These attributes are aligned with our Expectations Framework. 

We seek consulting leaders who are both broad and deep in their knowledge and experience. We refer to this as a “T-person” who has the best of generalists and specialists in the same individual. Our people are a priceless asset to clients who need broad thinking and deep skills to uncover their needs and resolve their most challenging problems. The successful candidate identifies with a cause greater than them, enables others to achieve their highest purpose, and grows and develops lasting relationships. This person desires to build something over the long haul and must also have recent and relevant experience in a consulting model.  

The Pariveda leadership interview process 

Pariveda’s leadership interview process is designed to focus on outcomes. While each leadership role has its own attributes, our overall goal is for you to get to know us and vice versa. Your recruiter will inform you of the types of questions that will be asked so you can best prepare. We want you to feel equipped entering our process. 

The leadership interview process consists of four stages which could entail multiple steps per stage. Each stage—which may be on the phone, via video, or in person—is designed to better understand your skills, experience, and motivations. These stages are:  

First Interview

A Pariveda executive recruiter will explore your background and experience to get a high-level understanding of your match for an existing or future role. In addition to this, they will work to understand your professional desires to determine if Pariveda can help you achieve your goals.  


In the assessment stage, you will have the opportunity to share your experience in leading and delivering transformational and complex programs, building deep trust and influence, navigating matrixed environments and senior-level networks, mentoring and coaching others, and developing thought leadership in your areas of interest and expertise. The interviewers for these assessments are hand selected to create a diverse interview panel and will vary based on the role’s needs.  

Behavioral Interview

The Behavioral Interview is designed to understand past behaviors to help identify markers for future behaviors. You will have the opportunity to showcase your past experiences, accomplishments, and lessons learned during this interview.  

Case Interviews

Our cases are designed to reflect real-world problems that our clients face. Within each case, you will have the opportunity to show your: 

  • Problem-solving approach 
  • Creative and analytical thinking 
  • Approach to implementing your proposed ideas  
  • Communication skills in conveying your ideas and identifying crucial conversations 
  • Leadership approach across the client, team, and individuals 

At Pariveda, interviewing is a two-way process. Mutual interviewing allows us to learn about you as a potential colleague and lets you learn about Pariveda and the impact you could have here. Leave time in each phase of your interview to ask questions that are important to you. We’re always happy to connect you with future colleagues within Pariveda for informal conversations to provide you with more insights. 

Preparing for your case interview 

When preparing for your interview, keep these suggestions in mind: 

Be Persuasive

There is no one “right” answer. The goal is to present a persuasive recommendation and participate in a rich discussion about your approach. Strengthen the rationale behind your recommendation by working through the strongest arguments against it. 

Be Concise

Include your key messages in your summary and save your details for your discussion. 

Prioritize Your Time

Preparation time goes quickly, so put aside information that seems less important. Determine the quantitative and qualitative information necessary for your recommendation. 

Standing out as a candidate 

During each phase of the interview process, we encourage you to be your authentic self. Pariveda is an inclusive community, and we hope that resonates with you when you meet us. 

As you prepare for your interview, consider tying your examples back to Pariveda’s Findamentals and the work we do. Additionally, be sure the content on your LinkedIn profile and resume match to save interviewers time reconciling between the two. And lastly, balance speaking about your accomplishments with sharing your reflections across professional and personal development.  

If you have any special requirements, questions, or concerns, we are here to help. We are committed to providing the support you need so you can keep your focus on exploring the Pariveda opportunity. We look forward to connecting with you! 


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

Anu Duggirala Headshot
By Anu Duggirala
As Executive Search Advisor, Anu Duggirala is responsible for educating and advising others on Pariveda’s executive search strategies and best practices. The majority of her career has been dedicated to professional services with a focus on executive recruitment, management consulting, and technology services.

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