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Pariveda’s alumni network

Finity, where departures become lifelong connections, empowering the future.

woman and man hugging greeting at a work event
two men talking at work event smiling happy

Our vibrant and inclusive community of former employees gather to build lasting relationships and expand their professional networks

Through our event programs and professional services, Finity empowers you to continue thriving and reaching your highest potential.


What’s next for Finity

There’s always room for you at our table. See when Pariveda is gathering with alumni in your city next!

"I enjoy connecting with folks I knew and helped grow at Pariveda, and those who came after me. I like finding out about their unique interests and experiences at Pariveda and beyond. I’ve gained many lasting relationships, and I love to see where people are now."
Melanie Crutcher
Finity member
group of men eating and talking at a work event

Building a community where Pariveda alumni come together to learn, grow, and succeed


Establish a valued, global community where members are actively engaged – sharing experiences, knowledge, and operating as trusted partners among Finity and Pariveda 


Provide a community that nurtures trusted relationships with members encouraging lifelong engagement globally by connecting, supporting, collaborating, partnering, and respecting one another


To enable an alumni network that fosters relationships and builds a sustainable community to connect, engage, collaborate, and extend professional networks while offering member programs and services

Join our network

Finity is the trusted alumni community that celebrates your success and supports you along the way. Join our online community to extend your personal network, reconnect with your friends, engage in meaningful conversation, find your next team member or gig, and support others.

work friends at an alumni event
“The Finity Happy Hours are such great re-connectors. I grew up at Pariveda for 17 years, so it’s fun to re-live a lot of the successes, the jokes that will never die, and the stories of blood, sweat, and tears we shared with each other.”
Ben Reyes
Finity member


Learn and grow with your Finity connections

Our alumni network offers our members resources and benefits that help you with the things that matter to you:

  • Job opportunities available within the Finity community or find your next hire
  • Expert career advice for your job search journey including resume review, interview support, and additional tools and resources
  • Referral program rewards alumni for introducing potential candidates to career opportunities at Pariveda
  • Perks at Work, our online program that provides exclusive discounts and benefits, saving you money on things that matter to you
work friends smiling and talking at event


Infinite connection through community

Finity is truly a distinctive and powerful community that aligns with Pariveda’s mission and core values, reflecting empathy, gratitude, and a genuine desire to engage with alumni. The five waves in our logo represents how we engage with each other as professionals.

  • Connect
  • Support
  • Collaborate
  • Partner
  • Respect
pariveda connection network Finity alumni logo with purple gradient and dolphin infinity graphic


Questions about Finity

Any employee who leaves the Firm in good standing that supports our vision, mission and purpose engaging in the community through Connection, Collaboration, Partnership, Support and Respect for one another.

Finity allows us to fulfill our mantra of “Once a Fin, always a Fin.” With more than 500 active members, you will expand your professional network, build and maintain life-long, trusted relationships, and foster collaboration and partnership within the community.

Finity socials create an environment where Finity members gather and network together, fulfilling Finity’s purpose of nurturing relationships and building community. It’s a great way to reconnect with your fellow alumni and Pariveda Fins. You’ll enjoy catching up on everyone’s personal and professional accomplishments, sharing stories and advice.

At events, attendees must be willing to abide by the Finity Code of Conduct

  • Support the vision. Be supportive of our vision to provide a community that nurtures trusted, infinite relationships with alumni encouraging lifelong engagement globally. 
  • Be like this. Be respectful, celebrate others. Wonderful things happen in a culture that respects and celebrates everyone. Have meaningful connections and conversations. Seek to collaborate on ideas in a spirit of partnership.
  • Don’t recruit. Alumni events are not recruiting events so please do not solicit members for employment.
  • Have some fun but not too much. While alcohol will be served, please keep consumption to a reasonable limit to maintain our safe and respectful environment. 

Explore our code of conduct in more detail here.

Please contact Anu Duggirala via email to share information about job descriptions and opportunities.

Anu Duggirala is our Alumni Director, and may be reached via her email.

Please contact Anu Duggirala via email to update your contact information.

two men smiling at work event

The community is here to support you, wherever life takes you next.

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We’re more than just a company – we’re a community that invests in our people by fostering a collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.


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