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Life at Pariveda

My first year: Feeling supported, growing technically, and having fun

Mentorship, a supportive environment, and listening leadership, creates continuous learning and growth opportunities, and fosters a vibrant culture with various interest groups and community-building events.


  • Collaboration and continuous learning are at the heart of Pariveda 
  • Regular feedback loops, continuous learning, and growth opportunities contribute to our supportive environment

Empowered employees at the heart of Pariveda – mentorship, support, and a listening leadership 

When I accepted my offer from Pariveda, I did so because of what I believed to be true about the company. I had heard that Pariveda has a vibrant culture of diverse professionals who believe in collaboration and continuous learning, and I wanted to be a part of that. I could not have made a better choice because what I found out after I started at Pariveda is so much more than I ever imagined.  

Pariveda is different. This company believes wholeheartedly in its employees, and you can feel that the people are at the center of everything here. I first experienced this through my Mentor and team’s support on my first project. I was intimidated by working in a client environment and was unsure what would be expected of me, but weekly syncs with my Mentor and Manager helped me manage my trepidation. They acted as a support network for any concerns I had, whether personal or technical, which helped me feel at ease and adjust to my new environment. Another thing that is special about Pariveda is how leadership listens to feedback. Our management team constantly seeks genuine feedback from our people and makes a visible effort to improve based on the different perspectives they receive. You can feel how much they care about making our office a place where everyone can thrive.  

Continuous learning & growth opportunities 

Pariveda is also invested in my continuous growth. Our Expectations Framework breaks down key characteristics and capabilities that Pariveda seeks to develop. I have had discussions with my Mentor and Manager about strategies to demonstrate these characteristics in my daily work. At Pariveda, responsibilities are well-defined and laid out for your role. This empowers each person to take concrete action to improve their promotion eligibility and set themselves up for success. Pariveda also encourages individual development outside of project work. To expand my knowledge, I recently attained my AWS Solutions Architect Certification, which Pariveda supported through the sponsorship of a Udemy course and exam registration fees.  

At Pariveda, you experience the benefits of working for a business and technology consulting company. There is a unique opportunity to rapidly develop your technical abilities, business acumen, and people skills as you lean into your role on each new project. Some of my most rewarding days were spent at the client’s office, making new connections and sharing knowledge. I felt immensely validated when one client asked me to break down and explain their own product’s architecture and again when these same clients graciously thanked me for my contributions and expressed their hope to cross paths again. 

Another aspect of Pariveda that I particularly value is the opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and take on challenges with the support of your team. On a different client, I volunteered to lead the development effort on a series of microservices that integrated with our core application. With the support of my Manager and other teammates on the account, I was able to put together a functioning solution and address different security and usability concerns from client stakeholders. These kinds of opportunities are key for challenging and developing yourself while making a positive impact on your project.  

Experience the vibrant culture at Pariveda 

I can’t speak enough about the culture at Pariveda. Our Seattle office features a variety of interest groups, from Community Service to Rock Climbing to Growth and Development, all led and maintained by people who care enough to put in hours beyond what’s expected for project work. There are always opportunities to get involved, and you’ll find many a welcoming smile when you take the first step in joining a group. Our office also holds many festive and community-building events, my favorite being Tiny Thanksgiving, where everyone brings in miniature versions of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and we all celebrate together. And, on a project team level, we’ve done everything from laser tag to axe throwing. Spending time together outside of our projects has helped me build relationships with my teammates that I wouldn’t have been able to solely within the sphere of our project.  

I’ve also had the opportunity to return to my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, to represent Pariveda at a career fair. It was a rewarding experience to speak with students looking to take the first steps in their careers. As proud alumni, a group of us also hosted a tailgate before our college football game that weekend, and we all went to the game together. These experiences have made Pariveda feel like home.  

When I wake up every morning, I’m excited to go to work, and that’s because I believe in what we do at Pariveda. From building relationships to dissecting complex problems to getting involved with Pariveda’s culture, I feel like there’s a new opportunity for me to contribute something meaningful each day, and that makes Pariveda special. 


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

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By Rob Reutiman
Rob Reutiman has a range of experience developing custom software solutions across various industries. Rob’s experience includes projects in in the travel, healthcare, and mobile networking industries.

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