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Jessika Zetterholm

Jessika Zetterholm


Jessika Zetterholm joined Pariveda Solutions in 2006. She began her career in IT consulting 11 years ago and has been leading clients in various industries with solution delivery and strategy. Ms. Zetterholm’s experiences and roles across each software delivery life cycle dimension ultimately led to her passion for sponsor engagement, strategy, and managing complex projects. In addition to assisting clients, Jessika is involved in campus recruiting at The University of Texas at Austin and contributes to Pariveda’s growth through mentorship and her involvement with the women’s networking group and other internal initiatives. 


Prior to Pariveda Solutions, Ms. Zetterholm graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and began her IT consulting career at Accenture in their global IT group, working in development and analysis. 

Since joining Pariveda, she has held roles in complex project environments across each dimension of the SDLC including business analysis, quality assurance, and project and program management. Jessika’s experience and her passion for people give her a unique perspective and contribute to her success as a leader of large diverse teams and high-profile projects. Such projects include enterprise payment and invoicing solutions, call center system migration, data center migration, and custom solutions to facilitate B2B collaboration and processes. 

In recent years, Ms. Zetterholm has directed her focus and expertise to align with her passion for people, organizations, and how they interact and impact projects. As a result, she has developed a point of view and approach to designing projects for success by engaging the right people and strengthening executive sponsorship. 

Outside of the office

Ms. Zetterholm’s diverse background has given her a passion for music, art, travel, and learning about other cultures, languages, and cuisine. Jessika is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Swedish and French. She enjoys exploring and finding live music, art shows, and festivals with her husband. 

Education and service

Jessika received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Since her college years, she has been active in community service activities with various charities. 

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