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Elevating your organization as an authentic ‘Best Place To Work’

Are you striving to see your organization listed among the ‘best places to work’?

It’s a common aspiration and one that involves more than just a simple formula. The true challenge lies in aligning your company’s internal culture and values with the expectations and experiences of your workforce. 


Authentic recognition matters more than quick fixes

Identifying and leveraging your organization’s differentiators

So, how do you authentically become a best place to work? Every organization has unique attributes that set it apart. The key is to identify what these are for your company. What makes your company and culture special? What sets you out from other employers? What rituals do you have in place?

Here are some ideas to help you discover and implement differentiators that can transform your workplace: 

Developing others toward their highest potential
Consider how your company supports personal and professional growth. Is there a focus on career development, continuous learning, or mentorship programs? These elements can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.
Embracing transparency in operations
Transparency, particularly in policies like compensation, can foster a sense of fairness and trust. Transparent communication like quarterly town halls or weekly emails from leadership keep employees informed and engaged in the company’s shared vision and strategy. Reflect on how transparent your practices are and where you can improve.
Cultivating recognition and appreciation practices
Recognition goes a long way in creating a positive workplace. Think about how achievements are celebrated in your organization. Implementing regular recognition programs or appreciation channels can be a simple yet effective differentiator.
Building a feedback culture
Feedback is key to ensuring you and the people around you are always growing and showing up in the best way. Assess how your organization incorporates opportunities for feedback throughout an employee’s experience and leverages feedback as a mechanism for growth.

Whether your company shares some of the above attributes or you have different ones, like fostering unique rituals and traditions that reflect your organizational values, offering innovative work-life balance initiatives, or emphasizing a strong commitment to social responsibility and community engagement, identifying and amplifying such differentiators is crucial. These initiatives help in creating an environment that truly stands out. Remember, it’s not just about having unique qualities, but also about how effectively you integrate them into your company culture and how well you communicate them to both your employees and externally. By doing so, you not only enhance your workplace but also strengthen your brand’s perception and authenticity in the market. 

Capitalizing on your differentiators

Now that you have identified how your company stands out from the crowd, you need to capitalize on what makes you special. Before amplifying your differentiators externally, you need to do so internally. Your employees should recognize and understand what sets you apart – your people are your best advocates!  

At Pariveda, we openly discuss our differentiators so when they’re experienced, they’re recognized. We point them out throughout the lifecycle of our employees – during the interview process, town halls, firmwide communications, semi-annual review process, mentor meetings, and team standups.  

Once your employees recognize the differentiators, you will want to measure the effectiveness of the messaging and ensure it aligns with the employee experience. Starting with internal employee engagement surveys will ensure alignment before you launch external awards surveys or review campaigns. 

Amplifying the message outside of your organization

Once your employees recognize and can articulate what makes your company special, it is time to amplify it externally. The process doesn’t happen overnight, but the benefits of taking the right steps and defining your differentiators and ensuring they align with the employee experience will far outweigh the negative impact of amplifying an inauthentic employer brand.  

This will lead to authentic reviews with substance and truthful survey responses, and in time, ideally your name on a ‘best place to work’ list.   

If you’re interested in enhancing your internal culture and aligning your employer brand strategy, let’s talk 

By Jaclyne Hertzfeld
Chicago Office
Jaclyne Hertzfeld is a Senior Talent Partner with over a decade of experience in the Talent Acquisition space. Through the course of her career, Hertzfeld has developed a passion for communicating Pariveda’s value and mission to the marketplace through her approach to candidate relationships, recruitment marketing, and the development of a strong talent brand.

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