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6 ways to prepare for a virtual interview 

Virtual interviewing doesn’t have to be stressful or impersonal. Follow these 6 tips to prepare for your next virtual interview.


  • Virtual Interviews are more common than ever, and preparation is key 
  • Authentic connections are possible during virtual interviews if you follow some basic steps 

For some, virtual is second nature to you. Maybe you went to school during the pandemic and took classes on Zoom. You interviewed for internships and jobs virtually before starting your first job remotely. For others, 2020 and beyond has been a whole new world. And, while you’ve been meeting clients and colleagues on Zoom, now you’re considering a career change, and interviewing virtually is unchartered territory for you.   

Preparing for your virtual interview 

Virtual interviewing doesn’t have to be stressful or impersonal. Like anything else, it is a skill you can practice, hone, and master. You can absolutely create a meaningful connection and effectively demonstrate the value you could bring to an organization even if you aren’t meeting in person. With the right preparation and mindset, a virtual interview can be just as effective for you.  

Lean on any in-person interviewing experience  

Research the company and the role. Jot down some questions you want to ask. Look up the person you are meeting and review their background – do you have any commonalities? School, Past roles, and LinkedIn connections in common?  

Make sure your technology is ready and working 

In advance of your interview, ensure you are signed into your Google or Zoom account and test your video and microphone. A strong Wi-Fi connection is key as it helps prevent lagging audio or video, which can impede the flow of your conversation. As an interviewer, I always join interviews with audio through my phone and video through my computer to be safe! 

Consider your surroundings

Find a quiet, well-lit area for the interview. Is there a bedroom, office, or library conference room where you could set up? Tidy the space as well as you can and if you don’t have the time, use a virtual background. Some of my easy favorites come from a quick Google search for “office background for Zoom.”  

Set expectations 

When I begin an interview, I always let the candidate know what to expect about my environment. For example, if I’m at home, my dog might bark. If I am using a secondary monitor, I might glance at it to review something on their resume. What expectations of your own could you consider setting? Establishing expectations up front gets everyone on the same page about any potential distractions.  

Be your authentic self 

Interviewing virtually allows you to refer to your notes more freely, which can be helpful. But, be careful not to rely on your notes entirely. Doing this excessively may make you sound scripted or unauthentic. We want to get to know you as a person, not as someone reading the perfect answer to a question!  

Send a thank you note 

Sending a quick thank you note is a great way to reiterate your interest in the role and thank the interviewer for their time. It also provides space to follow up on the next steps in the hiring process.  

Remember, virtual interviews are just as important as in-person interviews, so prepare accordingly and put your best foot forward. Good luck! 



Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

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