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Maximizing Your Pariveda Interview Experience: Insights from the Hiring Team 

We strive to provide a comprehensive and transparent interview process that allows candidates to showcase their skills and learn more about our company culture, values, and goals.
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Vikki Costello


  • Building a positive recruiter-candidate relationship is key to a successful interview process
  • The interview process is a mutual opportunity for both the candidate and employer to determine if it’s the right fit for a long-term career 

Are you about to start the interview journey here at Pariveda? Here are some tips to help you succeed in your interviews and get as much information as you need to make an informed career decision. 

The recruiter-candidate relationship 

Your Pariveda recruiter is an excellent source of information about our company, employee experience, organizational goals, and culture in initial interviews and throughout your interview process. We encourage you to get to know them and ask questions to expand your understanding of Pariveda as you navigate our interviews. Regular and transparent communication with your recruiter will be a key part of the process. It will allow us to provide feedback on your completed interviews and gather progress updates on your job search, which will help effectively manage expectations.  

No “gotchas” 

We aim to provide you with information on the type of interview you will be doing and who you may be speaking with before your interview. We do this to avoid a “gotcha” interview experience for you as a candidate. We believe that each interview in our process should build toward a holistic picture of you as a candidate, and we want to allow you to prepare for each conversation. Each step should be specific and should avoid repetition. We know committing to an interview process as a candidate takes time and effort, and we want to respect and be mindful of the time and commitment you give to us as a company. 

With the information we provide, we encourage you to research what may come up in an interview relative to your background and how best to answer questions in those types of interviews. A great tip for behavioral interviews is using the STAR framework to answer questions. Another is to consider practicing sample questions with a friend ahead of time. 

Research and bring questions 

Take time to research and review our company website. If you have time, you can go a step further and look at our Glassdoor profile, LinkedIn feed, or YouTube channels. This type of research should give you a thorough understanding of the type of work we do and the problems we tackle as a consulting organization. This will allow you to dig a level deeper when it’s time for you to ask questions in the interview about what we do or what that interviewer’s experience has been in relation to what you’ve read online. Our Pariveda team enjoys sharing information about their individual and collective work and experiences, so take advantage of every conversation and come to your interviews with questions for us. 

We believe that a career is a long time and that the interview process is our mutual opportunity as a candidate and employer to identify if this is the right home for you to grow your career. We value your questions, and we’ll leave time for you to ask us those questions in every interview. We’re excited to meet you!  


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

By Vikki Costello
Vikki has spent over 15 years building her recruiting expertise in Technical Recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area and developing a mode of operation that puts people first in the talent acquisition process.

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Transparency is at the heart of our interview process….
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Bri Bekier

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