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Life at Pariveda

Pariveda’s Culture of Growth, Collaboration, and Inclusivity 

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Trey Johnson


  • Pariveda creates space where one can show up as their true self at work and bring their own knowledge and unique experiences. 
  • Our culture is direct and accessible, beginning with our interview process, which introduces candidates to our leadership and nurtures a trusted relationship before your start date.

What drew me in 

What initially drew me to Pariveda was that I wanted to work in the technology industry. I came from the non-profit and academia worlds. I’m not a programmer or a developer, but I had skillsets that I wanted to be able to bring into this space. I went to a liberal arts college where holistic learning is key. There was a very interdisciplinary style to research and study. Pariveda reminded me of that approach because of our philosophy of growing employees towards their highest potential by understanding many different facets of technology, the consulting business, working with people, and more. 

Learning about the opportunities for thought leadership here was exciting to me. It was nice to know that Pariveda hires you for your mind. It’s not just your profile or what you’ve already accomplished. It’s about what you can do—so I’ve never been afraid to try something new or present a new idea here, whether it works or not. There’s space for you to contribute your idea, even if it’s just a seed. It doesn’t have to be fully grown. There’s a spirit of “let’s see what you got.” There might be someone else here who has more experience in that area and can then work with you to grow that seed.  

Finding community at work 

I joined the Black employee resource group when it was still fairly new, and I was still trying to figure out Holacracy and the consulting business. I started out as a listener trying to absorb and understand our purpose as a group. I grew passionate about energizing my role in the group because Pariveda has allowed us to create space to show up as ourselves at work and bring our own knowledge and unique experiences. We don’t have to push those parts aside while at work.

Recruiting and retaining talent 

During my time as the recruiting lead for our Atlanta office, I’ve learned that recruiting is more than just finding the right person and putting them through the interview process. It’s also about market intelligence. For example, what makes Atlanta unique as a city overall? What draws people to want to work here, stay here, and live here? What does the technology and the consulting industry look like here versus in our Dallas headquarters or the West Coast? Here, your data must be multifaceted. Your relationships with people have to be multifaceted, too.

Recruiting is about more than just getting people here. It’s also about keeping people here. Half of my philosophy and recruiting in the Atlanta office is not just trying to get people here but trying to retain them so they feel invited into the culture. We have to show that it’s inclusive and fun. That’s half the battle. But more than that, our culture is direct and accessible, even if you’re new. You might have only been here a month, but you’ve probably already had conversations with our office leaders. They’ve gotten to know you, and you’ve gotten to know them. There are no divisions or interruptions because of hierarchy, and that goes for the communication to attending social events. It feels like a strong family dynamic. People here actually like going for a coffee together or going to the game room to play ping pong.  Having fun with one another, welcoming new ideas, and our inclusive community is why Pariveda is such a special place.  


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

By Trey Johnson
Trey Johnson has accumulated experience recruiting exceptional talent across technology and management consulting industries. Johnson’s work experience includes sourcing and engaging prospective candidates, along with interview process and stakeholder management.

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