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How to Determine the Value of Employer Branding

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Andrea O'Neill

The impact of investment
in employer branding

Talent is the bedrock of any business – an organization needs to find and keep the right people in place to achieve its goals and objectives. This is a multi-faceted endeavor that starts from the inside out and is often rooted in employer branding. Studies have shown that a strong employer brand not only creates meaningful impact on your ability to attract and retain talent but can add to your overall revenue as well.

So, you might find yourself asking what an investment in employer branding could mean for your business. Following are statistics on the power of employer branding and an interactive ROI calculator to help you assess the potential value for your organization.

Employer branding impact on talent acquisition and retention

According to LinkedIn’s “Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics” a strong employer brand can have profound impact

0 %
cost-per-hire reduction
1- 0 x
faster time to hire
0 %
of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job
0 %
of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring
0 %
reduction in the organization’s turnover 
0 %
more qualified applicants
Download our interactive Employer Branding ROI Calculator

Employer branding can help reduce costly risk and increase bottom line revenue

A strong employer brand can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover

Recent studies state
0 %
of employees are considering leaving their jobs1
U.S. businesses are losing
$ 1 Trillion
every year due to voluntary turnover2
And for those employees that don’t leave, low employee engagement costs companies
$ 0 -500 Billion
each year3
Whereas companies with highly engaged workforce are4
0 % more profitable

Try our Employer Branding ROI Calculator and discover how a strong employer brand could impact your bottom line️

Employer branding begins with understanding the needs and perspectives of your employees

Our Accuiti Employer Brand Diagnostic measures employer brand perception across 8 key areas of primary importance to your workforce. It provides insight into the alignment and misalignment between various employee segments in intuitive, visual displays for comparison and analysis. It’s easy to implement and an effective way to focus your employer brand efforts where they matter most.

By Andrea O'Neill
Vice President
Seattle Office
Andrea’s strength rests in the balance of curiosity and problem-solving. She has a knack for asking the right questions – the kind that provides pivotal insights – and she pieces together these insights in creative ways to solve complex challenges.

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