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How will your organization successfully adopt generative AI?

Unlocking the potential of generative AI for information workers

Artificial intelligence and generative AI(gen AI) are catalysts for transformative change.

A recent Harvard Business Review survey found that “substantial majorities view generative AI as the most transformational technology in a generation […and the] primary benefit of the technology is exponential gains in personal productivity”

However, realizing the full potential of these technologies requires a strategic approach that incorporates a comprehensive adoption and change enablement effort. Our exploration into gen AI use cases for information workers sheds light on how organizations can practically harness its power to drive productivity and innovation.

We’ve identified five use cases where gen AI can dramatically empower the workforce


Transforming mundane tasks with automation, including meeting summarization, translation at scale, transcription, and conversational chatbots.

employee skills

Extending employees’ capabilities by incorporating specialty skills like coding, draft content creation, presentation formatting, and brand targeting insights.


Analyzing large datasets and democratizing access to insights through natural language interfaces, unveiling trends, patterns, and predictive algorithms.


Using adaptive hyper-personalization to deliver real-time, personalized feedback for learning, onboarding, sales, and marketing.


Aligning gen AI with strategic business objectives, uncovering opportunities tailored to industry or domain specifics.

Change enablement levers for generative AI success

Understanding that each gen AI use case requires tailored adoption strategies, our change enablement levers help organizations navigate the adoption journey:

Four key considerations to generate meaningful adoption of generative AI

While most of the focus has been on the business case for AI, most organizations face significant hurdles and challenges in integrating gen AI into their core activities. Here are four considerations that illustrate the challenges:

While AI is technology-based, it’s much more than a system upgrade.

Companies will need to create new stories to embrace and demystify AI.

How companies deal with AI will have massive implications on how their employees see it, use it, adopt or reject it.

Start by overcoming employees initial fear or apathy, and create a positive relationship with AI.

We don’t know how far AI will go, early adoption efforts will reduce resistance and negative impacts later.

AI through its intuitive set up opens the door for creating ways to experiment and “try out” safely.

Managing AI at scale, in a consistent manner will be the core challenge for most companies.

AI blurs the personal/ private space with the professional/ corporate one. Providing guidelines and expectations will go a long way in reducing risk and driving adoption.

Building a foundation for generative AI success

At Pariveda, our approach goes beyond the technological realm to set a solid foundation for gen AI success. We consider where your organization and employees are in your gen AI journey, focusing on culture, skillset, and technological infrastructure. We lay a robust groundwork for gen AI to thrive and deliver sustained value. This approach facilitates technological transition and fosters an environment where gen AI can accelerate transformative success.

AI Readiness Scan

Assessing an organization’s preparedness for adopting and implementing GenAI by evaluating factors such as workforce skills, governance frameworks, pervasiveness of AI usage, and GenAI maturity.

AI Change Council

Engaging the organization’s thought leaders and early adopters to oversee and manage the changes associated with the adoption and implementation of GenAI with the goal of shaping the future roadmap.

AI Roadmap

Creating a strategic plan to outline the steps and milestones involved in adopting and leveraging GenAI initiatives aligned with business objectives for an effective integration of AI capabilities.

Embracing generative AI with intention

By Alain Paolini
Managing Vice President
Denver Office
Mr. Alain Paolini is a Business Executive with US and international experience in leading digital transformation initiatives, managing organizational change, and improving sales/operations performance.
By Sophie Shuklin
Seattle Office
Ms. Shuklin has honed her career over the last two decades in Consulting and Information Technology. She believes in transformational change that aligns people, mission, and technology to empower future-focused workplaces.

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