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Sophie Shuklin Profile Picture

Sophie Shuklin


Ms. Shuklin has honed her career over the last two decades in Consulting and Information Technology. She believes in transformational change that aligns people, mission, and technology to empower future-focused workplaces. She helped clients build value and competitive advantage by humanizing systems, processes, and organizational change. All of her jobs involved co-creating with clients to realize business value using innovation principles. 


Ms. Shuklin began her career as a programmer and transitioned into client-facing roles such as system and business analyst, project manager, and client liaison. As she grew in her career, she wanted to learn and understand the business aspect of the IT field. After completing her MBA, she worked in higher education and federal government sectors mostly consulting on communication, strategy, and organizational development. While running a small boutique firm with a partner, Ms. Shuklin advised private sector clients on Microsoft technologies in leveraging digital and social tools in areas such as business productivity, business intelligence, advanced search solutions, and topics concerning information workers. She has deep experience in delivering innovative business and organizational strategy consulting to clients. Her primary areas of expertise lie in Organization Change Management and Digital Change. 

Ms. Shuklin provides the human focus through deliberate and strategic programs to build transformational leadership capabilities, address critical skills and engage employees to realize the business transformation. Prior to joining Pariveda, Ms. Shuklin was an Associate Partner at IBM. 

Outside of the office

Sophie is always on the move with her active-duty Military husband, Vladimir, and their two daughters, Tali and Orli. They moved to the Seattle area five years ago and love exploring the PNW, especially skiing in the winter and finding warm lakes in the summer. You can find Sophie at her daughter’s horseback riding lessons planning her next trip. 

Education and service

Sophie graduated from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business with an MBA in Strategy and Finance. She strongly believes that home is a source of strength, stability, and protection, and is an active volunteer for Habitat For Humanity.