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Tiffany Lentz


Tiffany Lentz serves as a Vice President at Pariveda Solutions, Tiffany began her career in program management for software development, identifying and implementing her own team-building techniques for her clients and her firm. In 2005, she began public speaking at technology conferences, covering topics from Agile practices for non-technology teams to pragmatic process engineering using Agile techniques, often as the only woman on the docket of speakers. After several years of hands-on software consulting, Tiffany moved into general management and executive relationship management, expanding her public speaking platform to international audiences. Tiffany has helped identify, develop, and institutionalize growth strategies with clients at the center, helping her own firm and those of her clients transform their businesses and deliver greater value to their customers 


With almost 20 years of management and technology consulting experience, Tiffany specializes in designing, leading, and implementing processes for collaboration between business functions to amplify strategy, service demand growth, and delivery at a large scale. As an executive management consultant, Tiffany’s clients range from Fortune 10 companies to global and regional NGOs and non-profit organizations. Her industry experiences include healthcare, retail, travel, banking, insurance, and the social sector, locally and globally. She helps her clients build high-performing teams while building world-class software. 

 Prior to joining Pariveda Solutions, Tiffany spent 16 years at ThoughtWorks, Inc., a global software consultancy. Her most recent role was Head of Delivery and Client Experience for ThoughtWorks North America, designing and implementing delivery processes for scale and sustainability. Before returning to ThoughtWorks North America business, Tiffany served as the Global Managing Director of the Office of Social Change Initiatives (OSCI) at ThoughtWorks. In this role, Tiffany designed strategies to increase the impact of the firm on society. Partnering with governments, global NGOs, and non-profit organizations, Tiffany and her team created innovative technology that improves quality and expands access to health care delivery in low-resource settings. 

Tiffany is also a skilled and sought-after motivational speaker. Her experiences include serving as the Corporate Master of Ceremonies for executive conferences, international innovation and technology conferences, women’s conferences, and churches. Tiffany believes in the power of saying yes to opportunities that stretch individuals. As a motivational speaker, she shares stories of her own career journey and provides guidance, motivation, and support for others. 

Outside of the office

When she is not working, Tiffany loves spending time with her family. She enjoys the outdoors – hiking, biking, scuba diving, and horseback riding or just getting lost in a good book. A global citizen, Tiffany has been to 45 countries, where she enjoys immersing herself in other cultures. 

Education and service

Tiffany graduated from Bob Jones University with a double major in Psychology and Counseling and a double minor in voice performance and classical piano. Tiffany devotes her time to serving in her church and on various boards, including churches, Jewish cultural organizations, and those supporting women in business. She acts as a coach and mentor for non-profit founders and board members, particularly those focused on female entrepreneurship and the fight against sex trafficking. She is a published author and is working on her second book. 

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