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Program management

Program management should be more than just status updates

Whether you’re a technology organization developing software or a supply chain company reengineering your business processes, you need thoughtful, strategic program management that effectively drives your solutions forward.

We realize that program management can sound kind of boring, and that you probably have plenty of smart people on your team that could open a program management playbook and walk through it step-by-step. But you want someone who has been there before – many times – managing your most strategic projects. At Pariveda, we think holistically about every part of your organization, every stakeholder, and how everything connects to your project. Leverage our successful history of experience to drive real results for your business.

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Why effective program management is so important

Avoiding the ditch

Good program management needs to be responsive and adaptable while still keeping the project on track. Let tasks get too loose, and you’ll end up in a ditch, delays will occur, progress will stall, and time and money will be lost. Your program management team shouldn’t be more added overhead. They should be helping you look ahead and plotting a steady course for success.

Removing obstacles

Getting a weekly status update is great, but if that’s all your program management team is providing, then they aren’t doing enough. Your program management team should be actively removing obstacles out of your way and providing actionable thoughts and solutions that not only keep the project moving but create better results in the end.

Tying it all together

Your big, strategic projects are never as simple as 1-2-3 and done. They are complicated, and they are messy. There are various stakeholders to manage; multiple budgets to consider; resources to analyze, optimize, and allocate; risks, bottlenecks, and constraints to look out for; and more. Having someone that can manage, track, and tie it all together across multiple projects is key to getting you to achieve your ultimate outcomes.








Find out how our program management solutions helped a client deploy applications remotely and support employee endpoint devices across the enterprise.

Pariveda built a business case and deployment plan and then executed on that plan to deploy a UEM solution to…

We do program management differently​

Working with you as a true partner​

To help you effectively manage your projects you need a thought partner – a delivery partner – who understands your team because they are a part of your team and dedicated to your success. Anybody can follow a playbook, but effective program management isn’t just about what you do, it’s about how you do it, how you communicate about it, and how you work with the stakeholders involved. We are on your team and making an impact, not just sitting on the sidelines and giving you templates to fill out. We take ownership of the outcomes and are unwavering in our commitment to driving impactful results.​

Going beyond project administration​

Our program managers go beyond simple project administration in order to actively and creatively navigate obstacles with change enablement and communications in mind. We are strategic about how we balance the individual needs of your teams with the realities of your projects. Managing project outcomes must be considered through the lens of how you will enable your organization to actually adopt the changes. That's why we dive headfirst into the details to identify issues and risks and then use a combination of critical thinking, problem solving, facilitation, and influence to overcome any potential challenges.​

Growing versatile solution providers​

We aren’t just program managers. We ensure everyone on our team has excellent program management skills because we believe it’s a core competency that affects everything we do. But we also have a depth and breadth of experience across industries that makes our program management services invaluable. From developing and managing PMOs, to running vendor selections and developing software; from creating transformative business strategies, to redefining organizations and operations, we’ve done it all. And that wealth of experience and know-how is what makes our program management capabilities so valuable to your business.​

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At Pariveda, we address the imperatives of modern leaders, enabling them to sustain a resilient and impactful business

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Learn how we deliver on the essential, strategic needs that enable companies to sustain a resilient and impactful business.

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