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SOCIAL Justice, equity, diversity, & inclusion

Creating an environment where all people can realize their full potential


Pariveda’s commitment to social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) means advancing JEDI internally as change agents and externally as influencers for the development of our employees, clients, and communities.

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Being Brave, Together

In 2024, JEDI wants to enable and create trusted relationships that are meant to enhance our employees’ and community’s sense of equity and belonging. It starts with Brave Spaces and is enveloped with support.

We’re taking the next step in our social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion journey by focusing on Being Brave – our 2024 mantra. JEDI knows that building our capacity for bravery will take time, but the reward is to become adaptable leaders. We encourage you to be brave and create a community that makes us stronger and more innovative. Will you be brave in pursuing it?

Employee Resource Groups

People are not one-dimensional and our work must not be either

We create a welcoming, inclusive environment through the support of employee resource groups (ERGs). ERGs are led by team members and offer support and a community of other team members who share a common culture, identity marker, or characteristic.

At Pariveda, we proudly support ERGs for our Black, disabled, LGBTQIA+, female, Jewish, and team members of color. Many of our people are members of multiple ERGs, and they remind us of the importance of using an intersectional lens as we grow in our JEDI journey.

Black Fins

We develop and mentor Black business and technology leaders, aiming to create an internal network, sense of connectedness, and support for Black professionals to develop toward their highest potential.

Esprit de Femme​

Esprit de Femme is a welcoming and empowering community for female-identifying team members. Supporting women in the workplace is essential to create brave spaces where everyone is included and supported.


We empower our LGBTQIA+ team members to bring their whole selves to work. PRIDE creates a workplace where everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, feels valued, respected, and supported.

Fins of the Tribe

Our Jewish community creates a sense of connectedness, inclusivity, and community for Jewish team members. We work to combat discrimination and strive to create a more inclusive environment at Pariveda and in our communities.

Fins with Disabilities​

We support team members with disabilities and their allies in fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment as Pariveda engages its effectiveness in supporting, enabling, and advocating for people with disabilities.

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“As thought leaders in the consulting industry, we create innovative solutions for our clients and points of view to challenge our thinking. None of this can happen without the diversity of our employees and the culture we have created in supporting courageous and brave spaces.”

Margaret Scovern, Vice President


Transparent salaries

At Pariveda, we value transparency and equity. That is why our salary structure has always been completely transparent, with equal pay for everyone at the same level.

Our Expectations Framework:

  • Guides a person’s development at each cohort level
  • Helps minimize bias and ambiguity around evaluations and promotions
  • Clarifies our accountability to each other and our work


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Promotions based on ability

Promotions are based on a person’s ability to meet the expectations of their level, not on costs or profits. Our core values, and Findamentals, embed JEDI Principles, and represent our culture. This creates the environment at Pariveda for our employees to grow towards their highest potential.


Our JEDI journey is a process of maturing

With deliberate action, feedback, and adaptation, we set course on a path of discovery that opens us up to deeper insight and greater understanding of where we are and where we are going on our journey.

Who are we at Pariveda, and where are we going? We are people excited by the opportunity to enhance the way individuals interact and connect with each other at work and in our communities.

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How we stay involved and active in our communities

The Pariveda Racial Equity Series is an 18 month curriculum that started with the viewing of the “Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America” documentary narrated by Jeffery Robinson. Every 6 weeks topics are presented to our team members that describe our shared history. We discuss systemic bias as part of our living systems to increase awareness and better understanding of one another.


Cultivating a culture of embracing challenges

Our leaders understand that equity and justice must be the fundamental drivers of all that we do, especially when it means standing up for what we believe in. 

  • We prioritize diversity because it leads to innovative and creative problem-solving.
  • We safeguard inclusion and belonging because people will never realize their potential if their presence is only tolerated.

Our Systemic Bias Promise

Each team member owns their personal growth and partners with Pariveda to co-create opportunities to deliver on our systemic bias promise​.

Pariveda leadership team feels strongly about our accountability to our mission, equitable business architecture, and people-first values. The manifestation of our commitment is evident in our Systemic Bias Promise.

Throughout each person’s career journey, Pariveda strives to ensure equitable access for all to the same privileges, development, and growth opportunities, with the same timeframes and expectations, as their coworkers.

Delivering on our promise

Removing discriminatory barriers and diligently seek to eliminate systemic bias
Holding our leaders accountable for role modeling to identify and address systemic bias
Empowering our people to advocate for themselves and others, so bias does not interfere with their own or another team member’s development
Building systems to address any bias-related issues promptly and transparently

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