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Building better healthcare outcomes, together

At Pariveda, we bring thought leadership to all healthcare industry challenges. Leveraging the benefits of advanced, emerging technologies and fresh perspectives….


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Training opportunities

A holistic approach to learning

Our lifelong learning model creates key learning moments in and out of the classroom and takes advantage of on-the-job learning opportunities that grow our people.

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hours of internal classes, external learning, self-study, and mentoring


Virtual learning doesn’t have to happen alone

To expand on-the-job experiences, Udemy is a collection of videos on a variety of topics and is available for all people. Our people consistently will get together to take a Udemy course as a group and share their learnings with their colleagues after completing a course. This helps greatly with our people looking to accomplish certifications. For our virtual classroom opportunities, we offer Local Learning Pods, where learners can go in to their local office and attend the virtual course together.

Courses for conferences and certifications available as self-led opportunities for all team members

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How we extend learning beyond the classroom

We approach the design of our classes in an agile manner where all classes are incrementally enhanced based on the feedback from past class members, so no class remains exactly the same. This way the focus remains more on application and how-tos for on-the-job scenarios rather than textbook learning.

Dolphin School

Pariveda’s multi-day onboarding program, called Dolphin School, acclimates new team members to Pariveda's culture and business model. It covers several topics on life as a consultant, our Expectations Framework, our mission, and how to talk about Pariveda with your network. The main goal is to immerse everyone in the culture of Pariveda while introducing them to the tools and concepts that will help develop them towards their highest potential, in a collaborative environment focused on building long-term relationships.

Architect School

The purpose of Architect School, which is often an extension of Dolphin School, is to equip new consultants to be effective individual contributors by teaching patterns and practices for effective solution development. This class will help you feel confident on day one of your first project.

Associate School

This foundational course explores Pariveda's approach to leadership, the value of small teams, and the opportunities for new leaders to develop themselves and others towards their highest potential.  This 3-day course empowers and equips our Associates to influence, coach, and lead others towards a common goal through application-based learning that takes Associates beyond the curriculum.

Mentor Orientation

Mentor Orientation is an engaging and collaborative half-day event that provides newly eligible Mentors with the tools, confidence, and expertise they need to quickly become effective Mentors at Pariveda.

Project Management School

This e-learning course features project simulations on scope management, stakeholder management, risk management, and project planning that introduces the tools and processes used to manage projects at Pariveda while leveraging our 3D Engagement Model, Pariveda’s solution development methodology, which provides guidance for project teams undertaking custom software development projects.

Nature of Design School (NODS)

NODS examines natural systems of trees and forests, and through those systems, the course investigates the concepts of nested ecosystems, symbiotic relationships, and cycles. Attendees develop a more mature perspective on managing projects in complex environments, helping them become better leaders. Those looking to improve “farming” ability at existing accounts will develop a broader perspective on how systems interactions and business cycles affect opportunities for Pariveda to provide value. This improves their ability to seek new project work at existing accounts.

Strategic Thinking Workshop

This mini MBA workshop combines strategy and practical exercises that learners can use today. The course focuses on business model construction, value justification, business language, organization dynamics, compelling messages, and complex problem-solving.

“Pariveda provides training that develops employees’ strategic thinking and prepares them to be leaders in industry and within the firm. The training has made me think more holistically about clients’ problems and has given me the confidence to question the status quo.”

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Amy Rester, Consultant

Growing towards your highest potential

We strive to create an environment where learning happens every day and you’re given opportunities to work towards your highest potential over the course of your career.

Finding the resources and classes that support your growth

Conversations with mentors

Performance review process

Individual self-assessments

Aligning training opportunities to our Expectations Framework

As you continue on your journey at Pariveda, training opportunities focus on where you are in your career.

That focus could center on leadership skills, how to be a more effective manager, a specific certification, or preparation for the different challenges you may face in future on-the-job situations. 

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