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2024 Cloud Canvas Pop-Up Series

At Pariveda’s Cloud Canvas Pop-Ups, discover how our AWS-powered solutions and leading local artists fuel a culture of innovation and enable revolutionary advancements.

Houston Dallas Toronto Los Angeles Philadelphia Washington DC New York City
Houston Dallas Toronto Los Angeles Philadelphia Washington DC New York City

Where art sparks tech innovation

At Pariveda’s AWS Cloud Canvas Pop-Up, witness art’s pivotal role in driving tech innovation. Explore how creativity intersects with cutting-edge technology, inspiring new solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. Join us to embrace the future of work, where technology empowers everyone to be creative!

Meet local artists who will showcase their art during the event

Build relationships with your local AWS team and see how their latest technologies can impact your organization​

View live vignettes from the Pariveda team demonstrating the power of AWS technologies

Enjoy an evening of networking and fun with colleagues​​

“Easily one of the most unique technology industry events I’ve been to.”

Director of Analytics | Healthcare


Cloud Canvas Pop-Up at Nouveau Art Bar

calendar icon Thursday, April 25th

6:00- 8:00pm CDT

Nouveau, 2913 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

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Featured Exhibits

A preview into the Cloud Canvas experience

Data in Motion Exhibit

Transforming movement into insights with computer vision

With our Data in Motion exhibit, reflect on how motion and dwell time reveal aspects of engagement and intent. Underneath these patterns of interactions, see how modern technology like computer vision can capture and transform this activity into valuable data.

This exhibit is built on ‘Omniscient’, a Pariveda offering that utilizes AWS tools to derive real-time insights about physical spaces with valuable use cases such zoning, dwell time, and service queue rates. Secure and anonymous tracking can uncover insights around traffic and usage patterns, informing decisions to allow the best possible customer and employee experience.

ArtScribe Exhibit

Improving patient-clinician experience with conversational AI

ArtScribe is an exhibit that celebrates the power of conversation through the lens of human health. While technology and screens often dominate our interactions, the showcase reimagines the potential for tools like AI to move interactions with technology into the background.

Inspired by Pariveda’s AWS HealthScribe Accelerator, this demonstrates the opportunity we have to transform healthcare. Powered by products like AWS HealthScribe, we simplify and enhance the patient documentation process and overall productivity in a secure, traceable, private, and cost-effective manner.

"With interactive demos and local art exhibits, the atmosphere was both engaging and laid-back. Hats off for hosting an event that felt genuine, welcoming, but also refreshingly different!"

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Sean Beard Profile Picture
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Sean Beard
Alan Henson
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