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Jaclyne Hertzfeld Profile Picture

Jaclyne Hertzfeld


Jaclyne Hertzfeld is a Senior Talent Partner with over a decade of experience in the Talent Acquisition space. Through the course of her career, Hertzfeld has developed a passion for communicating Pariveda’s value and mission to the marketplace through her approach to candidate relationships, recruitment marketing, and the development of a strong talent brand. She is committed to creating a positive candidate and stakeholder experiences, empowering team members’ growth, and continually improving our Talent Acquisition methods and processes. 


Hertzfeld’s expertise lies in developing talent acquisition and talent branding programs, architecting search strategies across levels of technical and non-technical talent, and building and executing campus recruitment strategies. Throughout her career, she has held various roles contributing to her diverse skillset. She joined Pariveda in 2012 as a Technical Sourcing Specialist, eventually growing into the Search Strategy Manager leading the Talent Acquisition team through a search approach and developing methods to increase the diversity of Pariveda’s candidate pool. Additionally, Hertzfeld manages all recruitment activities at the University of Notre Dame and is the Employee Referral Program Manager.

During her 10+ years at Pariveda, Hertzfeld has worked with the Brand & Communications team to represent the candidate perspective across Pariveda communications, including social media channels, website, messaging campaigns, job boards, and more. She leads all recruitment marketing and talent brand initiatives to support hiring and ensure the Pariveda brand resonates across the talent market.

Outside of the office

When Hertzfeld is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family in Ohio and Colorado. She is an avid reader of historical fiction, enjoys exploring local shops in every town she visits, and wanders the city of Chicago with her dog. Hertzfeld is always planning her next adventure and enjoys exploring new countries each summer, in search of the best hikes and local pottery.


Hertzfeld earned her Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications, with a focus in Media Business from Bowling Green State University in 2010. Hertzfeld serves on the Executive Board of Chicago Tutoring Connection, an organization committed to helping economically disadvantaged students succeed in middle school and high school and move on to a college or career. Prior to joining the Executive Board, Hertzfeld was a mentor for 7 years.