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Cesar Giralt Profile Picture

César Giralt


Mr. César Giralt is a digital strategist and architect. He is a lifelong learner with a passion for finding new experiences to continue his growth as a person and as a consultant. A Houston native and world traveler, César enjoys discovering the essential similarities and fascinating differences across cultures. He applies this same approach of finding common patterns and celebrating differences in solving our client’s problems. 


César leads digital programs from strategy to code. A software engineer by trade, he now spends time helping clients align their digital teams to corporate objectives. This typically involves user-centered design, cloud architecture, and unlocking value from data. César’s past clients are from various industries, including multimedia publication, retail and renewable energy, oil and gas, higher education, healthcare, and business process outsourcing. Combining an inquisitive nature with a collaborative spirit, César can be counted on to solve problems in a variety of domains and environments. 

Outside the office

César enjoys exploring his city and the world. His most personally impactful trip was to his father’s birthplace in Havana, Cuba in March of 2016. Domestically he often visits family in Miami or New York City or attends a handful of music festivals around the country. He has picked up (and put down) several hobbies in his travels, including sailing and cycling. He is also an avid reader and can be counted on to have a book recommendation for almost any topic. 

Education and service

César graduated from Trinity University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He maintains a strong connection to his alma mater and has served the alumni association as a member of several boards. He is a lifelong member of Houston Public Media and serves on the board of the HPM Foundation. A Houston evangelist, he is active in several local civic organizations that advocate for various causes, from the quality of life to historical preservation, and regularly donates to the local blood bank. 

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