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Modern Data Enterprise framework

Creating the data-first organization

Modern Data Enterprise (MDE) is a set of highly curated methodologies, frameworks, best practices, reference architectures, accelerators, and thought leadership created through the experience and expertise of subject matter experts in this space at Pariveda. MDE delivers the differentiating value necessary to help build a data-focused, data-first organization.

Digging into the MDE

Many modern and cloud-based companies want to mature their data and analytics programs but have yet to change how they use data. Enterprise data lake architectures or modern tooling alone does not enable how they govern their data or develop a data culture.

MDE helps organizations put appropriate support structures, like new roles and responsibilities, into place. This way, companies transition from collecting and housing data to treating it as a core product. 

By reimagining the importance of data, the organization can build a data culture that maximizes data value and generates new products, capabilities, and opportunities. MDE isn’t specific to an area, or technical, it’s holistic and strategic, especially when driven by the experts at Pariveda.

The value of Pariveda as your data partner

Maximizing data value requires reframing how you think about, interact with, and manage data. We help clients change their perspectives on making data a multiplier. We offer a four part approach.

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From a value perspective, we help companies prioritize, qualify and quantify data value through specific use cases and defined outcomes.

The days of “build it, and they will come” are gone. Does this take an experimentalist culture and mindset? Absolutely. The key to data value realization is in enabling executive alignment and stakeholder collaboration in seeking the right high-value outcomes to discover, experiment and validate.

Our value-centric execution framework creates three feedback loops where ideas move forward towards the creation of products, with information flowing backward from production to the front of the loop.

When to bring in Pariveda

  • Do you have a data lake but feel you’re not driving value any faster?
  • Are you not seeing the benefits you should from your data?
  • Are your technology investment returns limited?
  • Do your people struggle to understand their data ownership roles and responsibilities?
  • Do you lack genuine understanding of how to build business-centric data cases?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help. During our initial discussion, we’ll survey your landscape and the key problems in your data maturation journey. From there, we’ll determine how you can realize the full potential of your technology, data, and people, to build your Modern Data Enterprise.

What is Pariveda's MDE process?

We use various methods and approaches when creating MDE frameworks with our clients.

Current state pulse-check
We must first understand where you are today to help you build a new data capability north star. Most engagements start with a short assessment and maturity evaluation. This covers the core pillars of technology, governance, value, and enablement. We also incrementally surface and prioritize value and data concepts that can prove the value of an evolving data platform.
Roadmap development
From there, we help you build an evolutionary model and a multi-phase, cross-functional roadmap. This guides the maturation of data capabilities around architecture, technology, people and structure, processes and governance and enablement and support. Our plans are grounded in what your organization can achieve based on your business objectives and imperatives, not idealistically.
Once we’ve constructed a plan, we execute it with you. We build serverless, cloud-agnostic data platforms, facilitate data catalog, and discoverability practices, and transform the mindset of the most important asset in the data process: your people.
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By David Engfer
Dallas Office
David is a technology thought leader and solutions architect capable of delivering complex and strategic, data, technology, and business solutions across a variety of industries.
By Mayur Venkateswaran
Washington DC Office
Mayur Venkateswaran is a technology and management leader with extensive experience directing digital transformation and technology modernization initiatives across the public and private sector including education, healthcare, travel-hospitality, and retail industries.
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Uncover the opportunities you’ve been missing, balance your priorities, and scale your problem-solving

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