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2023 Cloud Canvas Dallas recap

A pop-up of Pariveda’s innovative solutions built on AWS. Art plays a pivotal role in technology, driving innovation and pushing boundaries. It fuels the development of novel solutions, fosters out-of-the-box thinking, and enables the transformation of ideas into tangible advancements.

AI Genie

The artistic blend of generative AI and spatial computing. We leverage OpenAI to generate point clouds using voice recognition to interpret prompts and a HoloLens to render floating holograms.

As AI advances, the digital world moves closer to the real world. Powerful models can generate 3D point clouds using simple text prompts at the push of a button. Using this technology at scale can help industrial teams ideate and streamline the design phases of workflows. Manufacturing designers will eventually use AI as part of their toolbox to optimize and elaborate product designs.

Play Video

Experience the magic of AI Genie’s demo of spatial computing, seamlessly blending generative AI with OpenAI’s voice recognition to create stunning holographic displays on the HoloLens.

Interactive Fireworks Show

Soar high above the Dallas skyline and experience what it would be like to circle downtown and see some fireworks as a simple example of spatial computing and the possibilities of digital twins using web-based XR frameworks.

As a recent addition to spatial computing concepts, digital twins allow for interactive and immersive applications that combine 3D models of existing physical objects and facilities with an overlay of additional data to provide insights and enable efficient decision-making.

Some common examples of digital twin environments include factories, industrial facilities, and manufacturing plants. Their use has proven to help build operations, increase production output, and improve equipment performance and reliability.

Web-based XR frameworks allow for creating real-time dashboards and spatial overlays that can be experienced within a browser on a desktop or spatial computing device to help visualize and present a wide range of information related to the physical assets and the IoT data that is being ingested.

Soar above Dallas in the Interactive Firework Show’s spatial computing demo, a dazzling example of web-based XR frameworks bringing the magic of digital twins to life.

Build Your Visual Brand

Sustena, a Pariveda company, helps companies design and harness their brand as an asset for effectively telling stories about who they are and the value they bring. Powerful brand stories are brought to life with a unique, ownable visual brand, which includes everything from a website to apparel. At the cornerstone of any compelling visual brand is a logo.

Individually, we believe there is power in storytelling to communicate things like our personal brand and the value of our work. It’s common to spend time thinking about how to express those stories verbally, but rare to develop them visually. We invite artists of all skill levels to create their digital logo with a simple sketch and a little help from generative AI.

Spotlight on Sustena's Visual Brand Process

See Sustena in action from ideation to execution. The brand development process for Cadiz Inc., a water solutions innovator, begins with a compelling brand position and purpose and becomes a modern, revolutionary visual brand.

Generative Storytelling: A Hero’s Journey

Observers experience a short AI-generated hero’s journey where characters come to life with near-human-like expressions using AI-selected voices tailored to their role in the story. This example of Generative Storytelling leverages ElevenLabs text-to-speech and Large Language Models and delivers the experience through Amazon Connect.

Generative AI text-to-speech technology presents new opportunities to create engagement with customers, especially in a call center environment currently limited to live operators and chatbots. For example, AI-driven voice agents could better engage and serve customers than canned voice prompts and even serve as a first line of assistance while leveraging human-like interactions.

Computer Vision with Omniscient

View the event from a different perspective and see how modern technology can turn movement and activity into valuable data. How quickly can you count the number of attendees in the frame?

Omniscient, a Pariveda-AWS offering, utilizes computer vision technology to take in a video feed and analyze it in real time to identify various people and even objects. Additional features and measures like zoning, dwell time, and service queue rates are also available. What could you do with the data you could collect about how long your customers wait in line or how much baggage travelers are bringing with them on a regular basis?

Next Gen AI Art

Explore an interactive experience with generative AI art.

Explore an interactive experience with generative AI art. Displaying classic pieces from Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, as well as reinterpretations and original art created with Midjourney. Attendees can create and print their own generative AI art to take home. This exhibit shows the opportunity for generative AI to act as a new tool that allows users to create and play with ideas rapidly. Attendees will see and interact with a creative companion and use their imagination and the provided examples as inspiration to stretch the preconceived bounds of what art is and their ability to create.

Embark on a visual journey through AI art—download our PDF for a blend of pieces inspired by classics and others crafted purely from text.

Creating Value in a Modern Data Platform “Sandbox”

Data is the new oil. It’s a core business asset and product; it’s not leftover exhaust from operational systems. Treating data like a product requires intense focus on prioritization, quality, culture, and the pursuit of “What new value can we get from our data?” Maximizing value from company data requires new ways of working and new technology. Many call these modern cloud-based data platforms “lakehouses,” which merge concepts of the old into the scalable technology of now.

Explore “lakehouse” concepts by building your own sandbox data “lake” platform visualized and contextualized with augmented reality topological play sand. Can you take your “mountain” of data, establish a data “lake,” and pipeline through products to maximum business value?

This exhibit explores the architecture of an AWS data lake and associated technologies (including S3, Redshift, Glue, Kinesis, and Quicksight) in a simple and tactile way, taking the concepts of a modern data platform and making them approachable and fun! Motion capture using a Microsoft Xbox Kinect detects the changing surface levels in the sandbox and, through the software on a laptop, projects a real-time topography, allowing you to see updates to your “lake” in real time.


Modern Data Enterprise

Frameworks give us a lens to see through as we approach a problem. However, a good framework isn’t one-size-fits-all — it should adapt to unique situations and circumstances to solve problems creatively.

Using Generative AI for Presentations

Companies are using generative AI for content creation, given the benefits of increasing output, reducing costs, and enhancing creativity. Several generative AI-powered tools have emerged that allow companies to create more compelling presentations. In addition to using generative AI to brainstorm ideas, create first drafts, and generate images and text for presentations, companies are using these tools to create more engagement with a broader set of audiences by converting text and slides to AI-generated avatar-led videos.

Using Generative AI for Presentations

In this exhibit, people can see how generative AI was used in various ways to augment human-created content. The benefits and features of the tools were on display, and participants were able to notice their reactions to the different types of content that were produced, highlighting the authenticity and plagiarism concerns that are posed by these tools, which require human oversight to mitigate.

Rapidly experiment with generative AI to accelerate your speed to market while securing your data and IP.

AI Generated Music

Our soundscape during the Cloud Canvas event, crafted by MusicByAI, features tracks entirely generated by AI and delicately stitched together with a human touch. Brace yourself for a musical experience that will captivate you right from the opening notes.

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