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Margaret Scovern Profile Picture

Margaret Scovern


Margaret Scovern has been a Vice President at Pariveda for 13 years. She brings strategic leadership and practical problem-solving in her role as the Managing Vice President of Delivery & Customer Value at Pariveda and as the leader of Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (JEDI). She believes in the power of people and in today’s volatile environment she focuses on igniting adaptability and resiliency. Margaret has a passion for problem-solving and her innovative approach to business challenges led to her winning Consulting Magazine’s Technology Innovation Award in 2021, penning several published articles, and the creation of the Pariveda Resiliency PlatformTM. She has personally witnessed the benefits of building an organization with resilient practices, including the positive effect it can have across the entire value chain.   


Margaret’s career began at NCR Corporation, providing solutions in the manufacturing and distribution industries. By understanding her client’s business objectives, Margaret proposed turn-key solutions that provided the operational efficiency expected from her clients.  

At PTC, Margaret led a team dedicated to providing solutions in the aerospace and defense industries. In the very complex world of import/export and aviation requirements, Margaret navigated the engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and servicing domains. Working on several aerospace programs, Margaret developed acute expertise in program and product lifecycle management. 

At Cisco and Oracle, Margaret deepened her proficiency in applying the right technology solutions to enable business agility. 

At Pariveda, Margaret leverages her vast background to solve her clients’ most complex problems. In today’s ever-changing world, Margaret helps her clients navigate the complexity and ensures they have an eye on resiliency. 

Outside of the office

Margaret has been married to her husband Lee for over twenty years and is the proud mother of two girls. The Scovern family enjoys traveling and long dinners. Margaret’s family insists she is an accomplished chef, but she would rather forgo the kitchen cleanup and check out the local chefs. 

Education and service

Margaret graduated at the top of her class from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and earned a BBA. She also studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France, earning certifications in French Grammar and French Commerce. Margaret enjoys volunteering at her daughter’s school, mentoring female professionals, and offering a helping hand whenever someone needs it.