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The Pariveda Resiliency Platform™

Navigate business complexity through a Resiliency Platform​

The Pariveda Resiliency Platform is a foundational model that assists leaders on their resiliency journey. This framework helps leaders sense, learn, and adapt to navigate business complexity, support their people, and solve problems.

Our clients use our Resiliency Platform to maintain viability through agility. Using this approach, we adapt habits, processes, and technologies based on your needs.

Pariveda’s Resiliency Platform is effective thanks to our partnership philosophy — your success is our success. We’re diligent about achieving long-lasting value for our clients. Pariveda blends its unique habits and capabilities with your skills. As a result, you become more adaptable and skilled problem solvers.

Pariveda Resiliency Framework Platform Graphic

Foster resilient and purpose-driven organizations

To reach revenue objectives and margin targets, companies must consider how they handle the complexity of environments, compression of change, and the confluence of functions. Today, every company faces this volatility, and there isn’t just one path through the uncertainty that lies ahead. What that means is the capabilities that got you where you are today may not lead to your future success!

Our Resiliency Platform is purpose-driven, technology enabled, and people-centric to positively impact your business now and in the future.


Your company’s purpose is your compass for resiliency through uncharted waters. Purpose is the north star of a resilient organization and Pariveda’s Resiliency Platform. From there, sensing, learning, and adapting shape resilient behavior and capabilities. 

Anchoring in purpose keeps you rooted in your identity and values and keeps your people committed to the journey 

Technology enabled

To compete in the volatile landscape of today’s marketplace, leveraging technology is essential. Technology provides the automation and visibility to information that helps your company remain malleable. Agility is a core tenet of Pariveda’s Resiliency Platform.


Pariveda’s collaborative roadmap starts with purpose is enabled with technology and at its core are people. In the end, it is your people who will ensure you achieve adaptability and resiliency. The Pariveda Resiliency Platform is human-centric because our companies, customers, suppliers, and partners are all made up of people. By combining inspiration with building capabilities in your systems to sense, learn and adapt, the outcome is resilient people, processes and a resilient organization. 

People are the driving force in any organization, and their behaviors, capabilities, motivations, and creativity are the foundation

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By Margaret Scovern
Managing Vice President - Delivery & Customer Value (Including a DEIJ Focus)
Washington DC Office
Margaret Scovern has been a Vice President at Pariveda for 13 years.  She brings strategic leadership and practical problem-solving in her role as the Managing Vice President of Delivery & Customer Value at Pariveda and as the leader of Social Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
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