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Mariah Sledge Profile Picture

Mariah Miller


Mariah Sledge Miller has experience in helping to adapt various IT and business solutions in a broad range of industries. Mariah’s work experience includes working with clients from the food service industries, hospitality companies, and retail sales companies. Mariah’s experience, knowledge, and desire to learn and grow in all that she does equips her for success when determining unique solutions to all technical and business challenges presented.   


Mariah has been a consultant for 2 years and that, coupled with her prior experience, enables her to utilize unique, people-centered approaches to issues facing companies, ranging anywhere from technology solutions to business process improvements and beyond. Mariah’s primary area of expertise is in adapting technological changes for the world of businesses in this ever-changing climate. As of late, Mariah has shown more interest in shifting to the more business strategy realm, to enable businesses to identify key metrics and frameworks for improvement while bolstering their technological presence. 

Mariah has been a part of a variety of projects such as business discovery and strategy for a large food service company and helping in restructuring a unified customer database for supporting capability to drive broad hospitality support and molding guest experience in the hospitality industry. Prior to joining Pariveda Solutions, Mariah held restaurant management positions at franchised food service companies ranging from small to medium. 

Outside of the office

When Mariah is not working, she loves spending time with her husband (Mychael), family, and friends. She also enjoys volunteering as part of the Media Ministry at her church (Calvary Christian Ministries in Powder Springs, GA) and traveling to experience new places. 

Education and service

Mariah graduated from Lorain County Community College with an Associate of Arts, and Spelman College with a Bachelor of Science in Natural and General Science with a focus on Computer Network Systems. Mariah has also earned an Informatica B360 SAAS MDM Champion certification and an AWS Solutions Architect certification. 

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