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Sofia Thai Profile Photo

Sofia Thai


Sofia is an innovative, analytical-driven leader known for her problem-solving mindset and ability to foster high-performing, continuous learning-focused teams. Her strategic vision and strong business acumen enable her to navigate complex challenges and deliver tangible results across various industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, and retail energy.


Sofia has over eight years of experience leading, architecting, and implementing cloud-based enterprise systems, including predictive analytics/machine learning solutions, custom web/mobile applications, and enterprise-wide modern data lakes and warehouses. Her deep understanding of industry trends and emerging technologies allows her to stay at the forefront of innovation and offer valuable insights that are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

In her personal time, Sofia actively engages in various projects centered around the exploration of emerging technologies, such as building a virtual basketball referee utilizing AWS DeepLens, creating an Alexa Skill for meeting transcription, producing a whitepaper on natural language understanding, and organizing a successful firm-wide First Annual Hackathon for Social Good. Additionally, Sofia has focused on addressing healthcare-specific challenges, including winning the MIT COVID-19 Beat the Pandemic II Challenge by designing a workplace-oriented contact tracing solution, winning the Texas Children’s “Hospital of the Future” Hackathon by creating an Augmented Reality solution that encourages healthy eating habits for inpatients and developing a HoloLens Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator.

Outside of the office

In her free time, Sofia embarks on a quest to find the best lemon pepper wings in Houston and New York. Family is paramount to her, as she cherishes moments with her large, close-knit family, boasting 13 children in her Grandma’s lineage. Sofia’s adventurous spirit leads her to travel to destinations with mountains or beaches- sometimes with a rented RV to soak up nature!

Education and service

Sofia graduated with honors from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. Throughout her academic tenure, she actively engaged in four student organizations and assumed five leadership roles, including President of MISSO, while balancing part-time employment at a mid-sized consulting company. During her four years at university, Sofia created five websites, two mobile applications, and a SharePoint portal. She was recognized out of her graduating class, receiving the Distinguished Senior Student Leader Award for her commitment to excellence and community outreach.