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Life at Pariveda

Career development is part of our foundation, not an afterthought

Pariveda’s people-first culture, commitment to career development, and comprehensive benefits package demonstrate a dedication to empowering and supporting our people


  • We are a people-first organization that empowers our employees to learn, grow, and connect with others.  
  • Success at Pariveda is measured by one’s ability to demonstrate the clearly defined behaviors outlined in our Expectations Framework and is supported through mentorship, formal training, and on-the-job learning. 

At Pariveda, we are dedicated to solving complex business and technology problems. Our team is made up of naturally curious problem solvers who challenge convention and look beyond the problem to address the larger picture. The result is a workforce of highly skilled and highly motivated strategic technology and business advisors acting as trusted guides to help our clients fulfill their mission. We deliver lasting success, now and in the future.  

To give us the flexibility to achieve these goals, we have adopted a Holacratic organizational structure, empowering our people by distributing authority and decision-making through self-organizing teams rather than through a management hierarchy.  

Additionally, being an employee-owned company frees our teams to be truly vested in working toward our clients’ long-term, sustained success. We don’t believe in sales quotas or commissions, leaving our strategists free to truly listen to the problems our clients struggle with and deliver effective solutions tailored to their needs. 

A truly people-first culture

Our people-first culture is one of our most prized assets. 

To support our shared commitment to our community’s expectations of how we work together, we have outlined a set of behaviors — called “Findamentals” — that show who we aspire to be on our best days. These behaviors include treating others with respect, being curious and unafraid to ask questions, supporting and caring for the whole person, and growing others toward their highest potential, all while collaborating and celebrating together. 

Pariveda has created an inclusive space for our people to bring their full, authentic selves to work. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) contribute to our supportive and caring environment. For example, Esprit de Femme, our women’s ERG, meets regularly to discuss challenges and opportunities, explore ideas, and connect socially. 

For our new team members, their Pariveda experience begins with a week-long in-person onboarding session called Dolphin School. New hires are paired with a Mentor, who will help them integrate into the culture and offer guidance on how to grow at Pariveda. Our extended onboarding guide facilitates connectedness and integration into the local market. Additionally, peer learning groups, peer connection groups, community service opportunities, and other continued support opportunities are available to all employees. 

Career development and benefits at Pariveda 

“At Pariveda, I’ve learned and grown more professionally than I could have ever imagined,” says Jenna Raderstrong. “I grew into the manager role, and I continue to be supported and challenged every day. The leadership team here truly wants to see me succeed, and they go above and beyond to support me.” 

We aim to grow each individual from effective entry-level consultants into successful executives through mentorship, formal training, and on-the-job learning. Everyone receives feedback from all directions — it is how we continue to learn, adapt and improve each other and the firm. 

Additionally, we train everyone on a project, including project and account managers, across multiple disciplines to become well-rounded future leaders. 

Our career development tool, the Expectations Framework, lays the groundwork for every employee from day one, providing a transparent career path for each person. It is the foundation for all aspects of our people’s professional development, providing clarity and reducing subjectivity.  

At Pariveda, your success is measured by your ability to demonstrate the clearly defined behaviors expected of you and not by other characteristics outside your control. Career development isn’t an afterthought at Pariveda; it is the foundation on which we are built. 

“We challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves so that we can make a positive impact on others,” said CEO Margaret Rogers. “This means we are genuine, open, brave, and vulnerable, leading to lifelong relationships.” 

Our focus on career development, combined with an inclusive and supportive culture, creates a space where our people can thrive and make a positive impact on the organization and its clients. When career development is a priority from day one, individuals and organizations can achieve lasting success. 

This article has been adapted from an original piece published on Fairygodboss.


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda


Life at Pariveda

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